This Moment Led Aaron Clancy To Pursue Genevieve Parisi on ‘BIP’

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Aaron Clancy is returning to the beach and he’s already had to address some drama. Somehow, he found himself in the middle of Shanae Ankney and Genevieve Parisi’s feud. Back at the beginning of the year, he said he was shocked when Shanae accused Genevieve of hooking up with Aaron during the Women Tell All. Shanae was very rude about it and said that Genevieve didn’t go home and grieve she was hanging out with Bachelor Nation.

Aaron said he met her in a bar and they talked for a minute, but nothing happened. That’s exactly what Genevieve said happened. Genevieve said she was more shocked that Shanae said that than when Clayton Echard asked if she was an actress. Shanae said that Genevieve wasn’t there for Clayton and while she couldn’t eat or sleep, Parisi was hanging out with Bachelor nation.  The other girls at the Women Tell All told her she didn’t have to defend herself. Genevieve turned it around and told everyone, Shanae was in Aaron’s DM’s.

Aaron Clancy Teased About Bachelor In Paradise

Aaron Clancy told US Weekly the reason he sat next to Genevieve at After the Final Rose was because the producers sat them that way on purpose. While Aaron said he went into Bachelor in Paradise with an open mind, the speculation did cause him to think. He said it made him think, “is there potentially something there? Why not give it a shot?” He said while they were both on the beach, it just made sense.

Aaron Clancy, YouTube
Aaron Clancy, YouTube

More so, he joked that the last time he was on BIP he found love with James Bonsall. It wasn’t the romantic connection he was hoping for. The two had an epic bromance that ended with them leaving the beach together. When he was telling Natasha and Tia he didn’t hook up with Parisi, he mentioned James. According to Bachelor Nation, he said, “I did not hook up with Genevieve, though. I wasn’t trying to, either. I was too busy worried about hanging out with James!”

Aaron Clancy, YouTube
Aaron Clancy, YouTube

Genevieve Was Happy To Put Her In Her Place

Aaron Clancy is going to Paradise and the rumors are he will pursue Genevieve, and anything can happen on the beach. Genevieve said she was happy to address Shanae on the WTA because she knew that she couldn’t back up anything she said. She found it funny. Clancy did confirm on the podcast and show the hosts the receipts that Shanae did heart and comment on his posts and message him.

How do you think things are going to go down between the two girls in Paradise? Finally, what do you think about Genevieve and Aaron as a couple? Comment with your thoughts below.

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