Skyler Samuels as Gabby Petito and Evan Hall as Brian Laundrie, used with Lifetime's permission

What Does Gabby Petito’s Family Say About Lifetime Movie?

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Lifetime’s latest movie, The Gabby Petito Story comes with a heavy dose of controversy. Many people say they will boycott this movie.

What do Gabby’s parents have to say about this upcoming Ripped From The Headlines movie?

From Lifetime Movie, Evan Hall and Skyler Samuels in The Gabby Petito Story, used with permission
From Lifetime Movie, Evan Hall and Skyler Samuels in The Gabby Petito Story, used with permission

There Is Backlash Around New Lifetime Movie

Lifetime’s latest Ripped From The Headlines movie is The Gabby Petito Story. This movie stars Skyler Samuels (Nine Lives of Chloe King, Scream Queens) as Gabby Petito and Evan Hall (Orange is the New BlackMars) as Brian Laundrie. Thora Birch directs this in her directorial debut.

However, there is a lot of backlash around it. Twitter is filled with angry comments directed at Lifetime for making this movie. The events that led to the young woman’s murder were just over a year ago. More so, many insist it is too soon.

One such poster on Twitter wrote, “I can’t believe Lifetime is already about to air a Gabby Petito movie. It JUST happened a year ago and they already planned, wrote, and filmed a movie? I highly doubt the family gave their permission. How f***ed up is that?”

However, one reply pointed out that with the latest Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix series, it can still be years later, and the families are still grieving.

Ultimately, what does the Petito family say about this movie?

What Does Gabby Petito’s Family Say About Lifetime Movie?

Has Gabby Petito’s family said anything about the upcoming Lifetime movie? Yes, they have. According to Newsweek, Gabby Petito’s family made a statement through the AWARE Foundation.

We thought our followers should know that the Lifetime movie on Gabby Petito has no connection to the Petito family nor did they give their approval.

Lifetime took it upon themselves to make the movie.

This statement does not indicate any sort of approval or support of this Lifetime movie.

Skyler Samuels Explains Why Lifetime Movie Was Made

Actress Skyler Samuels explained to ET that this movie is “not about what happened. It’s about how it happened.”

Director Thora Birch also revealed that this movie is about what went wrong. They want to share how this romantic van life experience turned “horribly wrong.”

Moreover that there are “many many, many Gabby Petitos out there” that do not get this sort of media attention. This movie is for them.

Lastly, she also shared that she “was always fascinated by the role social media played in discovering and learning about the truth of what eventually happened to Gabby.”

When Can You Watch Lifetime’s The Gabby Petito Story?

The premiere of The Gabby Petito Story is on Saturday, October 1, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime. Starting on Sunday, October 2, you can stream it.

Finally, don’t miss Behind The Headlines airing immediately after the Lifetime movie. This is a one-hour documentary on Gabby. This premieres on Saturday, October 1, at 10 p.m., Eastern.

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