‘The Voice’ Camila Cabello Explains When She Turns Her Chair

Camila Cabello on The Voice

Camila Cabello came onto The Voice this season as a new coach and she has been a solid contender so far this season. She replaces Ariana Grande in the coach’s chairs and she has done a great job at picking out talent, putting up a great argument on why they should choose her, and then putting together her team.

In an interview about joining The Voice, Camila explained how she determines when she will turn her chair in the Blind Auditions.

Camila Cabello on her Blind Audition role

Camila Cabello spoke to Billboard about her role as a coach, and specifically the Blind Auditions where she works to build her team. The interview came after the Blind Auditions, as these are taped in advance of the season starting to air. With her team already built, Camila was able to look back on the team and talk about how she decided when to turn and when to stay put.

Camila Cabello on The Voice

“There’s a few different ways that I feel like somebody can stand out,” Camila said. “Somebody that has a really special unique tone of voice. Sometimes it’s somebody taking a song and doing something unexpected with it. Sometimes it’s just, you know, a really amazing voice.” Camila said there are several different ways to see if someone could stand out, and that is when she turns.

It also helps Camila knows what it is like to compete in a reality singing competition series. Just like Kelly Clarkson before her, who made her name on American Idol first, Camila made her name on reality TV as well. She started out with a competition on The X Factor. While she didn’t make it as a solo singer, she was put in a team and won with Fifth Harmony

Camila Cabello’s team so far this season on The Voice

Camila Cabello has really loaded up her team so far in the Blind Auditions. The talent she has brought in includes Morgan Myles, who impressed everyone with a country version of “Hallelujah.” It got a four-chair turn, and she chose Camila.

Camila Cabello on The Voice

Orlando Mendez also got a four-chair turn for his performance of “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” and he also chose Camila Cabello.

On the third night, Camila picked up three more with Reina Ley, Devix, and Chello.

Andrew Igbokidi was another four-chair turn after singing “When the Party’s Over.” He also chose Camila. That night also saw Ava Lynn Thuresson and Sasha Hurtado join her team.

Finally, night four saw Sydney Kronmmiller and Eric Who go to Team Camila.

Camila still has more Blind Auditions to go, and there are also steals and saves to be used.

Are you enjoying The Voice so far this season? What are your thoughts on Camila Cabello’s team so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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