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‘Sister Wives:’ Kody Brown Doesn’t Care If Janelle Is Homeless?

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown implied he could care less whether his wife Janelle has a roof over her head during a recent preview of an upcoming episode of the TLC series. TLC dropped a preview of Sister Wives on Instagram on Saturday that featured Kody Brown and his wife Janelle discussing her living situation. Fans of the series both were and weren’t surprised that Kody seemed unbothered by the fact that Janelle was at risk of being homeless.

Why was Janelle Brown at risk of being homeless?

According to the preview clip, Janelle Brown learned her landlord had decided to sell the home she was currently renting. Unfortunately, this put Janelle in a dicey situation. She would either need to consider purchasing the home and becoming a homeowner or she would need to find somewhere else to live. Now, Janelle Brown agreed the asking price on her current home was more than reasonable. She, however, didn’t really want to buy a home only to turn around and start building on Coyote Pass.

Janelle Brown proposed the idea of getting a trailer and living without an actual house for the next six months or so. She tells Kody she can save all sorts of money and pull her resources together so she can start building on her lot on Coyote Pass.

Kody Brown and Janelle - YouTube - Sister Wives
Kody Brown and Janelle – YouTube – Sister Wives

Kody Brown explains there are a few problems with this plan. For starters, they still haven’t figured out the property lines for Coyote Pass. Likewise, they aren’t really sure what is happening to the chunk of property that belongs to Christine. Kody points out she has a lot of options as she could keep it, give it to them, or sell it to someone outside of the family.

Speaking to the cameras directly, Janelle Brown was noticeably frustrated as her husband Kody didn’t understand the gravity of the situation. She was fast approaching not having a home.

Sister Wives fans offer ideas

Now, fans of Sister Wives fans think Janelle Brown should just buy a house anyway. Fans pointed out that she could always rent the home out as a source of extra income sometime down the road if the family ever actually starts building on the property.

Others, however, encouraged her to follow her heart and live in a trailer off the land like she wanted to do. Some fans even told Janelle Brown to just ditch Flagstaff completely and move to Utah with Christine.

Spoilers: What does Janelle Brown do?

Now, those who follow the family on social media know there is a massive time gap between reality and the show. For starters, Avalon Padron was born on April 5, 2021. Mykelti and Tony Padron are actually currently pregnant again. This time with twins. Likewise, fans also know Christine Brown and Kody haven’t been together for a while now. Christine wasted no time moving back to Utah where she could thrive with her children.

Janelle Brown - Sister Wives - YouTube
Janelle Brown – Sister Wives – YouTube

Fans also know Janelle Brown acquired an RV and embraced RV life until winter rolled around. She claimed she wasn’t prepared for winter and found somewhere else to go during the colder months. When warmer months rolled back around, however, Janelle Brown never went back to living in the RV. Janelle Brown explained she did not return to the RV life because it was too hard on her daughter.

Do you think Kody Brown cares if his wife Janelle and daughter Savanah end up being homeless? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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