Aspyn Brown Thompson from TLC, Sister Wives

‘Sister Wives‘ Fans Suspect Aspyn Doesn’t Want Children, Why?

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Seasoned Sister Wives fans know that weddings and babies are incredibly common in the family. Several of the older children are married and two daughters have children of their own now. However, fans suspect that not every member of the Brown family may want a large family.

Aspyn Brown married Mitch Thompson on the show. They had a lovely Scottish wedding and even convinced Kody Brown to wear a kilt. Aspyn’s sisters Maddie and Mykelti got pregnant not long after their own weddings. But so far, Aspyn hasn’t made any formal pregnancy announcements.

Is it possible that she and Mitch aren’t quite so eager to have children of their own?

Sister Wives viewers have varying opinions on Aspyn Thompson’s adult life

Aspyn Brown Thompson is the oldest daughter in the Brown family and the second oldest child overall. As a result, the adults largely left her in charge and required her to help care for her younger siblings. With so many children in one family, it’s a task that would weigh heavily on anyone.

Aspyn Brown Thompson from TLC, Sister Wives
Aspyn Brown Thompson/Sister Wives

“Has Aspyn been turned off parenting?” one Redditor wondered in a new thread. “I’ve seen this before, with my friends who were the eldest child in a big family. They were raised to be substitute moms for younger siblings, and they chose to be childless. Raised much like Aspyn, who had the responsibility of getting all her younger siblings to bed.”

The OP went on to say that they could see Mitch wanting children and asked others for their opinions. Many other Redditors thought the OP may be onto something but also suggested there may be a lot more going on than meets the eye. Some even suggested that fans tread lightly here — Aspyn and Mitch may be dealing with a lot in their personal lives and they might not want it to be so public.

Aspyn Brown Thompson from TLC, Sister Wives
Aspyn Brown Thompson/Sister Wives

“I think we also need to be sensitive to the fact that other things may be going on. I know people want to believe she just doesn’t want kids because that plays up the drama, but it could be anything,” another Sister Wives fan suggested. “They may be having infertility problems or may not feel like they’re in a good place to have kids. If that is the case, I hope she doesn’t see so many people assuming she doesn’t want kids.”

What is Aspyn up to these days?

Aspyn Thompson has always been one of the more popular cast members. However, she and her husband Mitch really don’t have much to do with the show these days. The Brown family’s oldest daughter does spend a lot of time with her siblings — she just prefers to keep a lower profile. Recently, fans spotted Aspyn and Mykelti out with their brother Logan’s fiancee in Las Vegas. The women were having a fun bachelorette party for Logan’s fiancee, Michelle.

Sister Wives Season 17 will air another episode this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time. Don’t forget to turn the channel to TLC and keep up with all the family’s ongoing drama.

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  1. they should decide on their own to have kids. maybe they want to make sure they can support a child something kody hasn’t done. they sound pretty good to me.

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