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‘The View’ Fans Rip Whoopi For Dissing Barbara Walters On Air?

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Whoopi Goldberg is being accused of disrespecting Barbara Walters and tarnishing the image of The View with her severe lack of class. What exactly did the moderator do that has fans of the talk show fuming on social media? Keep reading for the details.

Whoopi Goldberg’s disgusting manners blasted as disrespectful

Viewers at home agree that Barbara Walters would be furious if she saw the disgusting manners Whoopi Goldberg had during a recent episode of the show. Across multiple social media platforms, the audience at home blasted the on-air behavior as “unacceptable.”

From the very moment Whoopi Goldberg sat down at the panel to start the episode, fans spotted something strange with her face. Oddly enough, Whoopi appeared to be just as surprised as viewers at home were. “Well. Hello!” Whoopi stated as she started the show.

Fans agreed Whoopi Goldberg’s words sounded a bit garbled as if she was holding something in her mouth while trying to talk or speaking while chewing. Was there something in her mouth?

Whoopi Goldberg Shaded By Her Own Granddaughter? [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Ultimately, the moderator was busted for choking down a piece of candy at the start of the show.

She explained as she thought she had time to swallow before the show started: “You caught me with a Now and Later in my mouth. I thought it could go down quicker!”

The View moderator defended herself by noting it was lemon flavored and it was delicious.

Blasted for lack of manners

Across multiple social media platforms, the viewers at home were floored. Most viewers agreed watching someone eat, chew, or suck on anything wasn’t what they tuned in to The View to enjoy. Viewers were even more disgusted that she tried to play off eating on the show by pretending like she forget the candy was in her mouth.

One frustrated fan tweeted: Yep.. looks like I’ll be going to #JhudShow after hot topics.. #TheView .. Why does #AuntyWhoopi have a now and later in her mouth before going on air.”

The View - Instagram
The View – Instagram

Another fan chimed in: If Barbara Walters was thereShe would tell her to take it out of her mouth.”

Other fans were also in agreement that Barbara Walters never would have stood for anyone eating on set (and especially on air).

Do you think Whoopi Goldberg was disrespecting the show, the original creator, and the viewers at home by eating on set? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more talk show news.


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  1. No, people need to relax and stop picking on Whoopi and the moderators. These people are real people. She said she thought she had more time to chew the candy , didn’t deny it

  2. Big deal. Whoopi had a piece of candy in her mouth. There are other issues that are much more important, Why is there a rash of people trying to pick Whoopi apart. She makes more sense than a lot of people,

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