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‘The View’ Alyssa Makes Uneasy Remark About Sunny’s Teen Son

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The hosts of The View encountered an uncomfortable conversation during Thursday’s show. The episode’s hot topics segment talked about the hot topic of co-ed sleepovers. Of course, there are plenty of differing opinions on the matter, but the hosts of the show largely agreed that they weren’t a good idea. However, Alyssa Farah Griffin’s comment is what made people raise their eyebrows.

Is Sunny Hostin Blind To Her Son’s Actions?

Most parents aren’t keen on the idea of having their teenage sons or daughters sleeping over with people of the opposite sex. Sunny Hostin isn’t either. As the topic came up for discussion, the first thing she said was, “That’s a spin-the-bottle episode waiting to happen.”

Sunny Hostin on 'The View' on September 29, 2022 - YouTube/The View

Credit: YouTube/The View

The other co-hosts agreed. Sara Haines said that it felt as though it would be “ripe with opportunity” for young teens to do things they shouldn’t be. Joy Behar, on the other hand, offered a little bit of pushback.

Joy stated that many moms and dads are in denial about their children having sex. She told the audience and viewers to get with the program. “They think their kids are not having sex and they are,” she stated. To which Sunny quickly replied, “Mine aren’t.”

The View Alyssa Farah Griffin Gives Sunny A Reality Check

Before it registered that Sunny said anything, Joy had continued her conversation but laughed and waived what her co-host said off. It is what Alyssa Farah Griffin said that made some people uncomfortable though.

“I’ve seen pictures of your son,” she said to Hostin, referring to her 19-year-old who attends Harvard University. It didn’t seem like Sunny even registered the awkward comment but continued to laugh along with Joy.

Whoopi Goldberg quickly cut to a commercial break afterward, so she did not get to elaborate on what her statement meant. The meaning behind it is fairly clear though. Alyssa doesn’t think Sunny’s son is as innocent as she believes him to be, but then again, what 19-year-old is?

Sunny Hostin on 'The View' looking surprised - YouTube/The View

Credit: YouTube/The View

Alyssa And Sunny Feud For Ratings

The odd comment from Alyssa follows rumors about the individuals feuding. During multiple shows, the two have been seen talking over each other and arguing. Many people have debated that Sunny is only picking fights with Alyssa for ratings.

Alyssa Farah Griffin took the seat of Meghan McCain on The View as the more conservative personality at the table permanently in August. Since then, it seems that Alyssa and Sunny always have sly remarks for each other, this one just being the latest.

What do you think? Is Sunny Hostin being naive to her son’s actions or are the hosts of The View wrong? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I think Sunny thinks her little family is perfect. She says she is Catholic and doesn’t believe in abortion. I am Catholic also , don’t believe it should be as a contraceptive as some young girls do but there are exceptions. What would Ms. Sunny do if Paloma was raped and turned up pregnant…make her go through a pregnancy she doesn’t want. She’s a teenager, would she make her go through 9 months of being pregnant and then what would they do with the baby??? Furthermore what would she do if it were her? Sunny comes off demure but, in reality she wants to be important always reminding us she graduated from Yale and was this important prosecutor. How many time do we have to be reminded. Sometimes I think she should think twice before opening her mouth. I say all this but I do think she is smart and that’s why she’s not fired. Someone else asked why she wasn’t fired.

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