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’90 Day Fiance’ Angela Deem Demands Truth From Scheming Michael

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90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem has had a lot of back and forth with her husband Michael Ilesanmi. They had turbulence from the time she touched down in Nigeria on Before the 90 Days. However, she seemed so determined to make it work that she ignored all of the red flags. Then, she would throw them in his face whenever they would have a tussle. Now, the two are starring in the new season of Happily Ever After? This is proving that it could make or break them as Angela is ready to confront her hubby. Has he been using her or is he just living his life? Read on for more details.

A Questionable 90 Day Fiance Situation

Angela’s family and friends had long questioned if Michael was using her for money and a Green Card. Finally, she had him take a lie detector test and it came back that he was not. He has yet to get the approval to move to America and Angela is getting restless. She has had a flirtation with a Canadian artist named Billy. Yet, she needs to figure out what the deal with her husband, Michael is. Recently, he asked her for a large sum of money as he claimed he was struggling.

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Angela did not believe this in the slightest as she has been sending him more than enough money to take care of himself and pay his bills. Therefore, she has now decided to surprise her hubby in Nigeria. According to Meaww, Angela is in Nigeria with her friend, Rene. She is ready to face Michael and she is looking for answers. Michael does not seem to want to come out of his home but, before the visa will go through, Angela does not want to be with a liar.

What Happens Next?

Angela is certain that her 90 Day Fiance has been doing something shady. However, she has to actually sit down with him and have a real conversation first. Fans are not truly surprised by what has transpired and took to Twitter to vent their frustration. “Is this all because Michael has an Instagram account?”one asked. Another added: “And we demand Abusuve Angela off our screens. But here we are.” Finally, a fan tweeted: “She has no manners, respect for your country and culture and no home training.”

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The couple has had problems for a long time that included infidelity, financials, and more. They finally tied the knot in early 2020 in Nigeria when Michael could not come to America. Then, Angela underwent a bevy of cosmetic procedures which Michael did not approve of. Eventually, he branched out and create his own Instagram account which made many feel that the couple was over. Now, it might be if he does not give Angela the answers that she wants.

Do you think that they can make it? Let us know and watch 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Sundays on TLC.

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