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Lisa Rinna Spills Kathy Hilton’s True Feelings About Kardashians?

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The latest episode of RHOBH brought in a lot of drama and as expected, Lisa Rinna is back with a new revelation. She shared a big secret amid Kathy Hilton’s epic meltdown incident. The 59-year-old has been dubbed a snake and a liar in the past. However, her latest revelation might have something to do with the cold war between the Hilton and the Kardashian family.

Lisa Rinna Orders Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila At The Bar

The Days Of Our Lives star attempted to decode the reason for Kathy’s meltdown during the all-girls trip they had in Aspen, Colorado. On Wednesday’s episode, the actress recalled an incident when she ordered the 818 Tequila at the bar. This popular alcoholic drink is owned by Kendall Jenner. However, Kathy seemed peeved at Lisa’s choice of alcohol as she herself invests in a tequila brand.

Lisa Rinna YouTube RHOBH

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As Lisa placed her order, she said, “Can I try a little shot of that 818 Tequila? I wanna see what it tastes like.”

“I just wanna try it because it’s my friend Kendall Jenner’s tequila!” she continued.

This was when Kathy murmured in rage, “I cannot f**king believe what she just said.”

She immediately stormed out of the bar and said, “I am f**king p**sed off.”

Lisa Rinna Claims Kathy Hilton Is Jealous Of Kardashians

Lisa reflected on this incident and came to the conclusion that the order she placed was what irked Kathy causing her eventual meltdown.

Talking about the event that transpired down at the bar, the Melrose Place actor added,

“Because Kathy is so f**king jealous of the Kardashians.”

Lisa Rinna YouTube RHOBH

[Source: YouTube]

The Hiltons have a history with the Kardashian family. As reported by The Sun, Kathy’s daughter Paris Hilton was the one who aided Kim Kardashian to attain success in the industry. This was before the Kardashian family garnered attention with their hit series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kathy Hilton Upset Over Her Tequila Being Rejected By Everyone

During her conversation with other Bravo housewives in the show at Erika Jayne’s party, the reality star claimed that Hilton’s meltdown wasn’t directed at her personally. The reality star speculated, “She was not attacking me in any way. It was about how she really feels about certain things, and people, and blood.”

Kathy Hilton YouTube RHOBH

[Source: YouTube]

The night before her big meltdown, all women on the trip had refused to try Casa del Sol, her own tequila brand. However, the exciting trip came to a shocking end after the fashion designer suffered a mental breakdown right after they left the nightclub. Although it didn’t happen on camera, Lisa did provide a vivid description of the incident for fans. Lisa claimed that Kathy locked herself in the room and pounded on the walls shouting in rage.

Do you think Kathy Hilton is really jealous of the Kardashian family? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. First of Lisa Rinna is seriously trying hard to make Kathy out to be a bad person. Guess what you trying so hard and the only person that you are making look bad is yourself. Guess what Kathy has way more panache than you, you can sow all your bs stories go take a look in the mirror at yourself becos you have done way more worse. Get a life…..

    Kyle family is blood, and over the years you treat your sisters like crap on the show and than you want to oh I’m so emotional my sisters not talking to me but you never take ownership of your own disgusting behavior. Just remember when you not on the show anymore your sisters will always stay your sisters. You want to go on about a bag but how do you treat them…. Kim is this, Kim is that, Kathy look at what you wearing… Insulting and than you want to make fun of it. Weird how LVP doesn’t have time for you, you are a stirrer and when things gets rough you want to play the victim card.
    Kathy do not let these woman get to you. We love you and we’ve never seen you being disrespectful to any of them, absolutely love your humor. All hail to the riches housewives, jealousy makes people nasty.

  2. I don’t like how Lisa stirs up things with a lot of the girls and calls them out . Yet her behavior is less desirable also. She acts superior ..

  3. It’s obvious Lisa Rinna is trying to copy Kloe Kardashian and her comments about Kathy Hilton being jealous are to deflect the fact that she is obsessed and jealous of them herself.
    Trying (and failing I might add) this fake takedown of Kathy has failed miserably and she needs to be fired from the show. Her behavior is dark, she has no morals and is happy at someone else’s misery. You picked the wrong lady, Rinna. Jealous of her millions (potential billions?) much. How much do you have in the bank? From your bad language to your lying and screaming at decent people, do you think you have a right to continue on this franchise when you are a vile human being. Lois would be so disappointed in you.

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