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Lace Morris Dishes On Returning To ‘BIP’ Six Years Later

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Fans were first introduced to Lace Morris during Season 20 of The Bachelor. She was on Ben Higgins season and while she didn’t last long on the show, she made a huge impression. In fact, many thought she was flat-out crazy. After her memorable time on The Bachelor, Lace went on to appear on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. This time, Lace did find love. She and Grant Kemp got engaged. They even got matching tattoos on television. However, they ended their engagement months later. Now, six years later she is heading back to Paradise hoping to find love one more time.

Lace Morris heads to BIP six years later

Six years have passed since Lace Morris last hit the beaches of Mexico with Bachelor in Paradise. Bachelor Nation shared what Lace had to say about coming back after so long has passed. She appeared on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast to share her thoughts.

Becca Kufrin started the conversation off by letting Lace know that she didn’t like when it was pointed out on the beach that it’s been six years since she was on the show. Becca pointed out how she and Lace are both 32 and she just didn’t like the comment made by Hailey.

She said, “In my mind, everyone is already putting their lives on hold to come back on the show. They are putting everything on the line to potentially find a partner. It’s a lot to handle. Everyone is there because it hasn’t worked out in the past, so why not try again? When she said that, I got the ick.”

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Lace shared her thoughts on it all

Lace replied to Becca saying, “I’m actually glad you brought this up because I was already struggling with the fact that I was coming back six years later. I was worried about being the oldest one. You know how the world is right now. If you’re 32 and single, it’s a problem. It’s hard to date as it is.”

Lace went on to say that if Hailey would have made the comment to her face she would have said something. She continued on saying that she deserves to find love just like everyone else does no matter how much time has passed.

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She also noted that it was even scarier coming back because she was worrying if she could be the problem in relationships. Her ex, Grant, had just gotten engaged recently and it had Lace questioning a few things.

What do you think about Lace coming back? Will she find love like Becca did?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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