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‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Makes Robyn Cringe During Meeting?

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Sister Wives fans don’t care much for Kody Brown these days. In a recent episode, fans watched him argue with his wives over whether or not their children should return to school. Janelle and Christine got angry over Kody’s rules and challenged him, which the family patriarch definitely didn’t care for.

Although Robyn Brown tends to side with Kody, he even pushed her to her limits this time. Keep reading to see what exactly made her cringe.

Robyn Brown doesn’t defend Kody during the family Zoom call

There’s a lot going on this season of Sister Wives. Christine is preparing to leave the family and all the adults are still trying to figure out how to navigate COVID-19. As of episode three, Sister Wives Season 17 is focusing on the spring of 2021. The kids are finishing up spring break and they need to decide if they want to head back to the classroom or not.

Of course, the entire discussion ruffles feathers. Christine said that Ysabel wanted to go back to school so Kody said he wouldn’t come visit if she did. He said he didn’t want to risk contracting COVID-19 and spreading it to the other houses. Meanwhile, he praised Robyn and her children for choosing to stay home.

Robyn Brown and Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Robyn & Kody Brown/TLC

Almost immediately, Christine and Janelle started to push back. They called out the family patriarch and said that he would find a way to see his children if he really wanted to. Janelle suggested that Kody stand in Christine’s yard so he could see Ysabel. However, Kody wasn’t interested in that and said it was too cold.

Sister Wives fans noticed something interesting during the entire exchange — Robyn and Meri were very quiet during this part of the Zoom call. The two generally jump at the chance to defend Kody, but they didn’t this time.

None of the wives agree with Kody’s logic

Kody then goes into a confessional and says that his adult children don’t need him as much as his younger children. His logic makes his wives absolutely cringe. Christine and Janelle are visibly angry and upset, but what do Meri and Robyn think?

In their own confessionals, Meri and Robyn say they don’t actually agree with Kody here and they can’t defend him. They believe that all the Brown family children deserve his time and attention — even the adults. Robyn even appeared to cringe and grimace during Kody’s rants.  She may be pretty unpopular with the fanbase, but fans are happy that she didn’t try to defend Kody here.

Ready for more Sister Wives? The new episode will kick off at 10 PM eastern time on TLC this Sunday night. Check back to see more stories about the Browns and what happens with the family next.

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  1. these episodes aren’t even current. Christine has been gone since April. meri lost her mom back in March. they are through with this season sitting at home. why can’t you film closer to the month we’re in. kody is not about to Change and the other wives are probably gone to.

  2. so true!!!! can’t stand the pig!!!! glad the ladies are turning their backs to him. once number 4 came in it was the beginning of the end.

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