Kody Brown Livid Over Christine Taking Truely Away From Him

Kody Brown from TLC, Sister Wives

Sister Wives star Kody Brown always says that he’s more concerned with the well-being of his younger children. So it makes sense to viewers that he would have strong feelings when Christine said she was taking Truely with her back to Utah.

Even though Kody hasn’t spent much time with Truely during the pandemic, he still wasn’t happy about Christine taking the 12-year-old to another state. So what exactly is going on here? Will Kody fight back?

Christine and Kody Brown butt heads over Truely’s living situation

Sister Wives viewers have watched Truely Grace Brown grow up onscreen. Christine gave birth to her during the show’s first season. As of 2022, Truely is 12-years-old and is in 7th grade.

As far as fans know, she and her mother Christine live in Utah together and are quite happy. But did Kody Brown ever try to fight for custody?

Kody Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Kody Brown/TLC

“I’m disgusted by this idea that she’s moving and she’s gonna take Truely and move to Utah,” the family patriarch says this season. He goes on to say that courts don’t often side with fathers when it comes to custody. He knows that Christine is probably going to be able to take Truely wherever she wants.

However, fans know that Christine isn’t being reckless with her decision to move to Utah. Most of her adult children live there and she wants to be surrounded by family. She knows taking Truely to Utah means that the 12-year-old can grow up enveloped with love and people she knows. Christine also believes that Truely isn’t getting enough time, attention, or love in Flagstaff.

“Let’s just say we’ve lived [in Flagstaff] for 800 days,” Christine said this season. “[Kody] went hiking with us once. He’s been kayaking with us twice, one time he didn’t even get in the water. That’s three times he’s gone with us. Three out of 800.”

Truely Brown from Instagram
Truely Brown/Instagram

At the end of the day, Kody Brown seems more interested in keeping his family in one place. He doesn’t seem interested in spending time with Truely.

Fans think Truely is probably better off away from her father

For years, many Sister Wives viewers noticed that Kody Brown tends to favor Robyn’s children. He spends copious amounts of time at their house and largely neglects his other children. Most fans agree that Truely probably would be better off living in Utah near her older siblings.

Season 17 takes place in early 2021, so Christine and Kody actually split up quite some time ago. It seems as if Christine managed to maintain custody of Truely, but fans can’t yet be certain whether or not Kody Brown fought for custody.

Given how busy he claims to be with Robyn’s children, it doesn’t seem that likely.

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