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Katie Bates Shares High-Risk Pregnancy Appointment Update

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Former Bringing Up Bates star Katie Bates is currently expecting her first baby. After a high-risk pregnancy appointment, she gave everyone an update. So, what is the latest on her pregnancy complications, and how is she doing now? Keep reading for all of the details.

Since announcing the pregnancy, Katie and her husband, Travis Clark, have shared many updates with fans. In case you missed it, Katie and Travis recently announced their baby’s gender and name. They have decided to name her Hailey James.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Katie opened up that she was tested for several blood-clotting disorders that run in her family. You might recall hearing about some of her sisters dealing with these disorders throughout their pregnancies. Because Katie’s sisters have been diagnosed with them, she knew what to look for and made sure to get tested early in her pregnancy.

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Katie previously told fans that she was getting daily injections at home to help with the disorders.

Now, Katie Bates and her husband, Travis, have met with the high-risk doctors and have a new game plan.

Katie Bates Shares High-Risk Pregnancy Appointment Update

On Thursday, Katie and Travis uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel. They showed off their fall decorations and talked about their plans for the baby’s nursery. Then, they shared an update on Katie’s blood-clotting disorders.

In the video, they revealed they have been talking to doctors in Tennessee, where her family is from, and New Jersey, where they currently live. After visiting with the high-risk doctor, they learned that Katie Bates no longer needs the daily shots.

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Travis explained, “The doctor basically said, long story short, at this point, to the best of his knowledge, he thought it would be more harmful to continue doing the blood thinning shots.” 

This surprised Travis Clark and Katie Bates and made them feel a bit uneasy. However, she hasn’t had a miscarriage or any blood clots. So, due to the side effects of the shots, the doctor felt that it was okay for Katie to stop doing them. 

Katie reassured fans that the doctors are keeping a close eye on her and Hailey. She has extra appointments to monitor her for any potential problems. It’s possible that she will need to resume the injections later on in her pregnancy or after birth, but for now, she’s off of them. 

Hopefully, things will go smoothly throughout the duration of Katie Bates’ pregnancy. She will likely continue to keep fans up to date.

So, are you excited for Baby Hailey’s arrival in March? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about Katie Bates, Travis Clark, and their baby on the way. You can watch their latest YouTube video here or find it below.

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