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Garrison Brown Keeps An Eye Out For Supernatural Creatures

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Garrison Brown and his father Kody may not be on great terms at the moment, but the Sister Wives star is living his best life anyway. Amid all the chaos and drama, Garrison has been spending a lot of time in the great outdoors and being one with nature.

However, he recently revealed he was keeping an eye out for a few supernatural creatures! What exactly was he on the lookout for?

Garrison Brown spends some time in the great outdoors

While Kody Brown and his wives go to war on national television, Garrison Brown is focused on other endeavors. He has no time or energy left to spend on his family’s drama.

He’s running around in the wilderness right now, but things may not be as calm as he would like them to be. The Sister Wives star revealed that he was also keeping an eye out for wendigos on his latest adventure.

“0 Wendigos, 0 sleep,” the TLC personality captioned his Instagram post. He tagged Lake Katherine and the Santa Fe National Forest as his location.

Garrison Brown from Instagram
Garrison Brown/Instagram

According to the official Wikipedia page, a wendigo “is a mythological creature or evil spirit which originates from the folklore of Plains and Great Lakes Natives as well as some First Nations.” According to legends, they roam the forests and plains of North America.

Surely a skin walker here or there?🤔” one of his followers asked. 

only the guy who I passed on the way down at 2am and glared at me like I was the weirdo,” Garrison replied.

Other Instagram users said they would absolutely panic at the prospect of seeing a wendigo out in the wilderness. However, Garrison Brown seemed largely unbothered. Fans hope he manages to stay safe as he continues his adventure in the great outdoors.

Will Janelle’s son make an appearance on Sister Wives Season 17?

Garrison Brown played a moderate role in Season 16 of Sister Wives. However, he doesn’t seem very interested in having much to do with Season 17 so far. This season, Janelle revealed that Garrison and Gabriel both had COVID-19 and likely gave it to her. However, the boys have yet to make an appearance on the show. They have a really strained relationship with their father and don’t seem interested in appearing on his show.

In the meantime, Garrison is working on his photography skills and exploring the wilderness.

Garrison Brown from Instagram
Garrison Brown/Instagram

He’s likely very aware of all the drama going on with Christine and Kody but doesn’t seem interested in participating. And that’s probably for the best. As fans can see, things are really getting ugly onscreen.

Tune into TLC at 10 PM eastern time this Sunday night to catch the newest Sister Wives episode. Stay tuned to hear more stories about the Brown family and where they go from here.

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