Christine Brown and Kody Brown from TLC, Sister Wives

‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Begs Kody To Visit Daughter

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Christine Brown is absolutely done with Kody’s selfish ways. She claims that being married to him was painful and heartbreaking for years, but not just for her. Christine is also angry that Kody doesn’t seem interested in spending time with their daughter Truely.

Most of Kody and Christine’s children are adults, but Truely is only 12 years old and still needs her parents. She doesn’t seem to understand why her father isn’t around. But it isn’t just Truely that wants her dad’s attention. On the show, viewers are about to see Christine practically beg for Kody to spend time with Ysabel.

Christine Brown is heartbroken that Kody won’t spend time with their kids

As Season 17 continues, TLC periodically uploads clips from the new episodes. In a new Instagram post, they highlighted a clip from episode three where Kody and Christine butt heads yet again.

“Dueling pandemic protocols keep the Browns in a constant state of conflict. #SisterWives,” the network captioned their post.

In the clip, the Browns discuss whether or not their children will return to school. Christine says Ysabel is probably going to go back to school, but Kody doesn’t care for that plan. Robyn says her children will learn from home and Kody applauds that decision. The family patriarch says he probably won’t be able to come visit Christine’s house if her kids go back to school.

“Gosh Ysabel would love a phone call from her dad,” Christine says in the clip. She says that Kody largely hasn’t been paying any attention at all to their daughter since the pandemic began. He’s been quarantining with Robyn and her family and claims that it’s because they follow all his COVID-19 rules.

Christine Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Christine Brown/TLC

While on the zoom call, Janelle pushes back and says that Kody can go see Ysabel whenever he wants to. He’s just making a decision not to see her. Janelle suggests that Kody can stand in the backyard and talk to her from a distance. However, Kody doesn’t seem interested in that. He complains about the weather and says it’s really inconvenient.

However, fans think it’s because he just isn’t interested in maintaining a relationship with Ysabel. His actions speak volumes.

Ysabel Brown is still hurt that Kody didn’t come to her surgery

Ysabel Brown really needed corrective spine surgery during the pandemic, which Kody also wasn’t thrilled about. Christine ultimately accompanied her to her medical procedure while Kody stayed home in Flagstaff. Without a doubt, these wounds will stay fresh for a long time. Fans are really beginning to understand why Christine left in the first place.

Don’t forget to tune in and see the next episode of Sister Wives. TLC will put out a new episode this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time. See the drama and chaos unfold on your TV screen and stay tuned for more stories.

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