The Truth: Did Hailey Bieber Steal Justin From Selena Gomez?

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Time and again, Hailey Bieber has been bashed by Selena fans for being a home-wrecker. Although the 25-year-old has mostly been mum about these speculations, she recently came forward to address the allegations on a podcast that aired on September 28, 2022. The American model shared her side of the story and clarified that the rumors were indeed misleading.

Hailey Bieber Talks About The Challenges Of Being Married

In the past, fans alleged that the Rhode owner was involved with Justin Bieber while he was dating Selena Gomez which caused the couple to part ways. In the Call Her Daddy podcast, Hailey answered several questions by host Alexandra Cooper regarding her marriage and the origin of her relationship with the singer. Fans can listen to the complete podcast on Spotify.

Hailey Bieber YouTube

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After she spoke about the challenges of being married to a popular public figure, the host enquired about the timeline of her relationship with Justin. These were some unheard details of their rekindled romance, engagement, and marriage to the Canadian singer.

Hailey Bieber Clears The Air On Her ‘Homewrecker’ Tag

However, the focus of the podcast was to be out with the truth and set the record straight about her past. She didn’t mention Selena Gomez by name. As far as fans know, Hailey and Justin rekindled their relationship in June 2018. However, the 28-year-old was previously linked to Selena just 3 months before the now-married couple started their relationship.

When asked whether she was a homewrecker in the relationship, Hailey bluntly said ‘No.’

Hailey Bieber YouTube

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She further explained her side, “Let’s put it this way. When him and I ever started, like, hooking up or anything of that sort he was not ever in a relationship Ever. At any point.”

The model further assured, “It’s not my character to mess with someone’s relationship. I would just never do that. I was raised better than that. I’m not interested in doing that and I never was.”

Hailey Respects Selena & Justin’s Past Relationship

When asked about what gave birth to these rumors and speculations, the Teen Choice Awards nominee detailed,

“I think that there are situations where you can still kind of have a back-and-forth with someone. But even that was not the situation. I can say period, point blank, I was never with him when he was in a relationship with anybody. That’s the end of it. I had been involved with him since I was 18.”

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“The timeline also that I think sometimes is in question of, like, us getting together and getting engaged and him having been spending time with his ex before that. I understand, again, how it looks from the outside and there’s a lot of perception there but that was a situation where I know for a fact that it was the right thing for them to close that door.”

However, during the podcast, Hailey did acknowledge the relationship that existed between Selena and Justin. She also noted that she respects the relationship they shared in the past. Plus, she clarified that they were not a thing when Selena was his girlfriend.

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