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‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Gives Priceless Gift To Robyn’s Kids

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Sister Wives fans are convinced Kody Brown never loved Christine or her children after an old clip of himself with Robyn surfaces. The clip revealed Kody not only gave something to Robyn’s children he never gave to Christine’s, but he also recognized the importance of the action. What was in this Sister Wives clip that has fans so upset? Keep reading for the details.

What did Kody Brown give to Robyn’s children?

During this most recent season of Sister Wives, fans learned that Christine asked Kody to tuck their children in while she was working nights during her pregnancy with Truely. Christine proceeds to tell the cameras it was too big of an ask for Kody and he expressed he was too busy to take the time to tuck his children in for bed.

An old clip of Sister Wives reveals Kody Brown must’ve been significantly less busy while courting Robyn because he had no trouble tucking her children in when they were courting. Robyn Brown beamed with a huge smile on her face as she said she referred to Kody tucking her children in as snuggling because of how small they were and how adorable the action was. Robyn and Kody agreed tucking the children in was important for their well-being.

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Sister Wives fans floored by this information

One fan agrees that watching this clip for the first time with no knowledge of the family makes the scene seem harmless. This is just a man trying to impress a woman by helping her with her children. The same fan, however, agrees that the clip paints a very different picture for fans who are rewatching with knowledge of the family and their future in mind.

In response to the clip, many fans proceeded to call Kody every name in the book for having the audacity to tuck Robyn’s children in when they were just courting while refusing to offer the same kindness to children he helped create with his wife Christine.

Christine Brown and kids from Instagram

One fan complained: “So, he didn’t have time for his biological kids and his WIFE but he had time for his girlfriend and some other guy’s kids.”

Do you agree that rewatching old episodes of Sister Wives shines a different light on Kody and Christine’s relationship? Does it shock you to know he tucked Robyn’s children in while they were courting? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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