‘Sister Wives’ Brown Family Secrets Revealed, More Coming?

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With Season 17 of Sister Wives currently airing, TLC has managed to hide some pretty massive secrets related to the Brown family. For example, Kody Brown just recently admitted that he doesn’t have time to “babysit his children” because he makes $200 an hour. The series, however, has never really gotten specific with the details regarding what Kody does for a living that allows him to support such a large family. Through Internet sleuthing, random sightings, and tidbits of information dropped on social media and Cameo, fans have been able to deduce Kody Brown’s career involves selling guns and gun parts.

What other secrets about the Brown family has TLC tried to sweep under the rug while airing episodes of Sister Wives?

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Sister Wives: Brown family secrets TLC tried to hide

On Reddit, fans decided to spend some time dissecting all of the family secrets TLC has hidden from fans of Sister Wives about the Browns over the years. Just a few episodes into Season 17, several Brown family secrets have come to light. Three secrets fans pointed out included:

  • Learning Christine worked nights and left her children home alone because Kody refused to watch them or tuck them in.
  • Discovering Mykelti was Robyn’s live-in nanny and housekeeper when she was only a teenager during the same time Christine was caring for a newborn alone.
  • Learning Kody Brown spent most of his free time living at Robyn’s house even before the COVID pandemic.

Fans agreed these are just some of the more recent unearthed Brown family secrets Sister Wives fans have learned. Over the years, however, fans suspect there have been tons of things TLC has tried to keep hidden.

Another fan calls attention to the fact that religion is supposed to play such a huge role in this family and their beliefs and yet religion is something rarely talked about in the show. Another fan chimed in to point out they were fairly certain Paedon or Christine confirmed the family had actually been “excommunicated” from their church a while back.

Meri, Christine, and Kody Brown from TLC

Why does TLC cover for this family so much?

One of the big questions the OP of the thread on Reddit asked was simple: Why does TLC cover up so many Brown family secrets? After all, Sister Wives is intended to be a reality TV show right? Should the network really cover up so many secrets and play such a heavy hand in shaping the narrative of the show?

What do you think about all of the Sister Wives Brown family secrets that TLC tries to hide? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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  1. pretty sure all reality shows are fake. they know what to show to get an audience. that’s why they let kody control the narrative.

  2. Reality TV is edited and led by producers who will either make you say something you don’t mean or edit it to appear as though you said it that way. I did a reality program and it was the worst experience of my life. It was of a personal nature and they could have cared less #bigmedicine

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