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Mike Johnson, Meghan King Dish On PDA Filled Outing

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Bachelorette alum Mike Johnson has been getting Bachelor Nation going wild with rumors about who he could possibly be dating. He has sparked speculation about former Bachelorette Michelle Young and Real Housewives star Meghan King. Mike and Meghan were seen out in Las Vegas hitting a strip club and reportedly packing on a little PDA. What are they now saying about the status of their relationship? Friends or dating?

What’s going on between Mike Johnson and Meghan King?

US Weekly shared what Mike Johnson and Meghan King had to say about their PDA-filled night out in Vegas. The two appeared on her Intimate Knowledge podcast where they spoke out about their time together.

As it turns out, Meghan thought it was would be fun to have a date while attending the iHeart Music Festival in Vegas. Her production team noted they knew some single men from Bachelor Nation. She looked at Mike’s picture online and thought he was cute. So, they set up for her.

Mike said,  “I was so confused at first but I was honored. They thought we were a good pairing together and I think we had a wonderful time.”

Meghan gushed about her time with Mike

Meghan than gushed about her time with Mike and how he made her feel very special. She said, “You know what I thought was very masculine that you did yesterday? We’re sitting at the bar before the party and there were a bunch of The Bachelor guys … We’re just chit-chatting and you said, ‘Excuse me, gentlemen, I’m going to have to pull her away for a second.’” She continued to say, “I thought that was so confined and masculine of you to think about me, to make me feel special. Here we are on a blind date, we’re in a group setting, and you’re like, ‘No, I’m going to make her feel special.’”

It was noted how they talked about a bunch of personal experiences and were really comfortable with each other. In fact, Meghan said at one point they took a selfie and she commented that they looked like they were in love.

At the strip club, they were “canoodling” as they said. Mike then noted that Meghan was a good kisser.

They were very affectionate all evening with her sitting on his lap and him being touchy-feely with her.

The couple did not say if they plan to see each other in the future but the prospect looks promising.

What do you think about Mike and Meghan as a couple?

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