Ethan Plath Drapes Body Over Rusty Old Hood: ‘Pure Joy’

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TLC’s Welcome to Plathville star Ethan Plath dropped a new post on fans, revealing just how happy he is. The 24-year-old draped his body across a rusty old hood and felt true joy. After plenty of drama and sadness over the past few years, Ethan couldn’t help but document this moment for fans to see.

Scroll down to check out his newest photos and learn the sentimental story behind them.

Ethan Plath feels ‘pure joy’ while draping his body across a rusty hood.

On Instagram on Tuesday, Ethan shared a new post about the car he’s currently working on. He gave his wife, Olivia Plath, a shoutout because she had something to do with it.

Ethan Plath Instagram

In the caption of his post, he wrote that he’s working on classic cars again. Then, he shared a touching story. The TLC star wrote, “This 1950 Chevrolet was my very first car at age seventeen and thanks to Olivia I still own it today. Every time I see this car or work on it it brings me Pure Joy! Nothing like a good classic and a good woman!”

Below, you can see the photo of Ethan Plath leaning on the rusty old hood of the car. This moment put a huge smile on his face.

Ethan Plath Instagram

Olivia added more details on her own Instagram Stories and revealed what she did to reconnect Ethan with this car. She explained that he had to sell the car before their wedding because they had a house and “other responsibilities” to pay for.

However, he was sad he no longer had the car. Fortunately, Olivia “tracked down the buyer and asked to buy it back.”

Olivia Plath Instagram, Welcome to Plathville

Ethan also shared a couple of other photos of the car so his followers could get a better look at it. Once again, he’s looking as happy as ever as he’s reunited with his first project car again.

Ethan Plath Instagram Ethan Plath Instagram

Welcome to Plathville fans admire this joyous moment.

In the comments section of his post, Ethan Plath’s followers are sharing their thoughts and celebrating this happy moment. They love to see Ethan and Olivia doing well, and they know how much he loves his classic cars.

As we recently reported, a recent Instagram post from Ethan suggested that he and Olivia are still married, despite the many hardships they have faced. But this post and Olivia’s gesture seem to confirm things are still good between them.

So, what do you think of Ethan Plath’s happy new photo? Do you love the story behind it? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Welcome to Plathville news.

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