Twitter Remembers ‘Dahmer’ Victims After Netflix Premiere

Netflix’s most talked about series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story premiered on September 23. So, far, the series has brought in a lot of engagement on Twitter with several applauding the actor Evan Peters on his exceptional acting skills. If you go by the numbers, so far, the series has 918,000 plus engagements on Twitter as people relive the gore and the horror inside the mind of a psychopath serial killer.

Netflix’s Dahmer Is The Top Watched Series Globally

In a matter of two days during the weekend, the limited-run series became the most-watched series globally on Netflix. As per Variety, while most were familiar with the real-life story, this series provides a deeper insight into the killer’s life. However, not everyone was happy at people romanticizing the killer just because an actor portrayed the killer so convincingly. They urged people to remember the victims and everything they had to go through.

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The Twitter user wrote, “#DahmerNetflix is out, let’s not romanticize Jeffrey Dahmer just because he is played by Evan Peters. Remember the victims. A tread about each victim and who they were.”

Jeffrey Dahmer Was Charged With Murdering 17 Boys & Men

In the thread, the user detailed all of Dahmer’s victims. The first victim was Steven Hicks who was just 18 years old in 1978. He was hitchhiking to a rock concert when Dahmer picked him up. This was followed by Steven Tuomi (24), his second victim in 1987 whose body was never found.

His third victim was a mere 14-year-old named James Doxtator who was lured by Dahmer to pose for pictures promising him a reward of $50. The psychopath was responsible for murdering 17 boys and men. He was also accused of cannibalism. These murders took place between 1978 & 1991 after which he was eventually arrested.

Another user wrote, “They won’t make a movie about Scarver though, they won’t give him the book deal he wanted. He was punished in prison for killing Dahmer, put in solitary confinement for 16 years. He will never be glorified for slaying a villain but the villain gets the glory? Define Privilege.”

However, a third user didn’t agree and wrote, “Scarver may be a hero in the Jeffrey Dahmer story, but he’s still a villain in someone else’s too. He robbed and murdered 2 innocent men at gunpoint when they didn’t hand him enough $. There’s not much of a story to tell there & we shouldn’t even be giving him a platform anyway.”

Dahmer’s Victim’s Family Enraged Over The Netflix Show

Amid this Twitter debate, the family members of one of Dahmer’s victims also spoke out about this Netflix production.

They publicly stated that they weren’t consulted by the streaming platform about the series. Eric Perry, who claims he is a cousin of Errol Lindsey who was murdered by the criminal in 1991 talked about the trauma that the family has to relive in the wake of this new documentary.

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