‘Good Morning America’ Rob Marciano Risks It All, Fans Worried


Good Morning America meteorologist Rob Marciano is currently in Florida reporting on the oncoming Hurricane Ian. As he reported, the weathercaster narrowly escaped an on-air calamity. The 54-year-old shared footage of the same on his Instagram account. What happened to him? How did he escape? Keep reading to find out!

Rob Marciano Reports From Florida Amid Hurricane Crisis

Florida residents are bracing for the hurricane as our brave reporters risk their lives amid this natural calamity. The storm will likely pass from the southern tip of Florida heading to the west on Tuesday night. As per the National Hurricane Center meteorologists, it is a major storm with wind speeds that are as high as 115mph.

Rob Marciano GMA YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Rob shared the video that showed a helicopter taking off as he was getting ready for a live broadcast. In the clip, one could hear the loud noise of the aircraft’s blades traveling right above the weather reporter.

He captioned the post, “Noisy takeoff 30 seconds before air!”

Fans Request Rob Marciano To Stay Safe

More so, given how challenging and dangerous the conditions are in Florida, fans seemed worried about Rob. They flocked to the comments asking him to stay safe.

One user commented, “Thank you for your report. Please stay safe.”

“Take care. Stay safe, “added another.

Similarly, a third wrote, “Be safe. So glad I moved out of Florida. Worried about my family that refused to move. Be safe Rob.”

Rob Marciano GMA YouTube

[Source: Instagram]

As per The Sun, Marciano has been constantly updating the viewers on the hurricane. In his live updates, he mentioned that the southern Gulf of Mexico has ‘juicy warm waters.’ Thus, warning Florida residents that they might have to face the ‘bad side of the storm.’

GMA Meteorologist Shares Terrifying Footage From Bermuda

During his time in Bermuda, the newscaster also shared terrifying footage of giant waves caused due to stormy weather.

In the clip, viewers could see the boats tossing and turning due to the rough winds. The noise of the winds was also audible in the background.

Rob Marciano GMA YouTube

[Source: Instagram]

Rob also admitted that it was the first time he was covering a storm in Bermuda. Moreover, the weathercaster also admired the way the homes are built in Bermuda. He said, “I’m really impressed with the homes here. What’s remarkable, is that here, no one leaves their house. Because these homes are built so phenomenally, that’s a great game plan. They know their homes can take it. I feel safer here in this storm really more than anywhere being on Bermuda.”

Rob Marciano GMA YouTube

[Source: Instagram]

Although the meteorologist is putting up a brave front, he has been devastated after losing someone close to the family. He shared with his fans on Instagram that his beloved rescue dog, Sunny recently passed away. His fur baby was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

What do you think of Rob’s narrow escape? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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