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’OutDaughtered’: Did Adam & Danielle Busby Have Secret Baby?

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It is no secret that Adam and Danielle Busby yearned for a baby boy to make their family complete. Is it possible the OutDaughtered parents welcomed a secret baby into their family without telling fans about him (or her). Danielle Busby’s latest Instagram post left fans scratching their heads. Did she just make a mistake in her caption or was she hinting the Busby household had another secret child within it?

What exactly did Danielle Busby post that got fans thinking she and Adam might’ve brought a secret baby into the family? Keep reading for the details.

Danielle Busby talks about prioritizing marriage

In a very long Instagram post, Danielle Busby opened up about becoming a family of eight. She explained that having so many children shined a bright spotlight on how important it was for her and her husband Adam Busby to enjoy date nights and date trips together. Danielle explained that a strong marriage was the key to a happy family and fulfilling life.

She explained: “Marriage needs to be a priority and it is OK for your kids to see Mom&Dad wanting to go on a date trip. It takes planning, lots of it…but We choose to make these trips happen as often as we can because we NEED TO!”

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OutDaughtered fans spot the secret baby?

As TvShowsAce previously reported, most fans were here for the love Adam and Danielle Busby share. Some fans, however, noticed something a bit strange in Danielle’s post. The math wasn’t adding up. Was there another child in the Busby household that fans didn’t know about? Did Adam and Danielle Busby bring a secret baby into the family? More importantly, what has fans asking this question in the first place?

Zooming in on the emojis Danielle Busby placed near the beginning of her Instagram caption, fans noted there were two adults (Adam and Danielle), there was an older emoji for Blayke, and then there were six babies. Fans, however, were quick to question who baby number six was. While some fans argued the sixth baby was for Blayke, there was an older emoji intended to represent Blayke.

Danielle Busby - Instagram
Danielle Busby – Instagram

So, there were six baby emojis but there are only five quints. Did Adam and Danielle Busby have a secret baby? While fans know Adam and Danielle can’t actually give birth to additional children, they have previously admitted adopting wouldn’t be off the table if the time felt right.

Did Danielle Busby just pop one too many emojis in her caption? Or, is she subtly dropping a hint that there’s a new child in the Busby household? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more OutDaughtered news.

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