‘Sister Wives’ Fans Says Meri Brown Glowing In Sexy New Look

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Sister Wives fans have long wanted to see Meri Brown leave her plural family. It seems that there is nothing left for her there other than her moral obligation. She and her husband, Kody Brown barely have a relationship no matter how hard she tries. It has come to the point where she takes what she can get where she looks desperate. So, when she headed to Mexico for what appeared to be a work trip, her true self was showcased. Fans could not help but notice how she glowed and radiated. Keep reading to see the Meri everyone has been praying would return.

Sister Wives Star Is Sexy & Glowing Away From Hubby

Meri Brown has been married to Kody for over thirty years now. However, their relationship has been rough for more than a decade and it is no secret. When they were featured in the Season 16 tell-all, Meri confirmed that the couple had not been intimate in over a decade. Still, she shared that she had no intentions of leaving her family. The one thing about Meri is that she is very dedicated to the polygamous lifestyle. Plus, she adores her sister wife, Robyn Brown’s five children. This is seemingly what has kept her hanging on despite Kody’s constant rejections of her advances.

Meri Brown/YouTube

Seasons 15 and 16 revolved heavily around Covid but Meri feared that if she got sick, no one would know or even care. Kody rarely went by or even contacted her so this was what brought up these concerns. Luckily, she has found family within her LuLaRoe business. She has become immensely successful and it even helped her pay for the down payment on her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Now, the mother of one is off in Mexico for a trip and she is beyond glowing.

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She shared a stunning picture on her Instagram. Prior to the Mexico vacation, Meri got a choppy haircut with new color and looked sunkissed which adds to her glow. Fans chimed in with how amazingly happy she looked: “Being away from the toxicity of Kody & Robyn has truly allowed you to find yourself,” one noted. Another added: “You are absolutely glowing, and you look stunning!” It was even pointed out that Meri looks way better here than she does on Sister Wives.

Time To Go?

For some time, Sister Wives fans have speculated who will be next to leave Kody. Prior to Season 16 airing, his third wife, Christine revealed she was leaving the family. She moved to Utah and has never been happier or shined brighter. The official breakup is now playing out in the current season. As for second wife, Janelle, she claims she is content just having a close friendship with Kody. However, fans feel that since she is so close with Christine, she may want what her former sister wife now has. Finally, Meri is not around Flagstaff much as she has found her people in her MLM job. Therefore, she has no need to really leave the family for good. She can fulfill her religious obligation but still have freedom. Still, the glow is real and she looks better than ever.

What do you think of Meri’s new look? Does she shine brighter away from her family? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sunday on TLC.


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