‘DWTS’ Pro Cheryl Burke Dishes On Managing Her Social Anxiety

Cheryl Burke from Instagram

Dancing With The Stars pro dancer Cheryl Burke has had a very long year. She’s in the middle of a divorce with her ex-husband, Matthew Lawrence. But even through all the pain and heartbreak, she’s still looking for ways to shine. Right now, she and Good Morning America meteorologist Sam Champion are competing on Dancing With The Stars Season 31 together. And it seems like they’re having a great time.

Even though it seems like Cheryl is in a healthy headspace these days, she admits she still struggles from time to time. Recently, she chose to open up about her social anxiety. See what she had to say on the subject.

Cheryl Burke always finds a way to keep her head up

Teaching someone with no ballroom experience how to dance isn’t always easy. But meteorologist Sam Champion showed up ready and willing to learn, so Cheryl couldn’t ask for a better partner.

Sam Champion and Cheryl Burke from Dancing With The Stars, Instagram
Sam Champion & Cheryl Burke/Instagram

Even though she gets along with others on the set, the 38-year-old dancer does admittedly struggle with social anxiety. So how does Cheryl manage her feelings?

According to Parade, the dancer admits that hiding the problem doesn’t help anything. Instead, she’s choosing to own her phobia and be true to herself.

“I’ve been diagnosed with social phobia but it’s not to the point where it is debilitating,” Cheryl told the publication. “I still obviously go to work I can still go out, however, I also know my triggers like staying out past a certain time or certain places or people.”

And she definitely has an amazing group of coworkers to have her back.

Cheryl Burke, Emma Slater, and Witney Carson from Instagram
Emma Slater, Cheryl Burke, & Witney Carson/Instagram

In recent years, Cheryl has really started opening up more about her mental health issues. In addition to her social phobia, she also struggles with addiction. But the good news is that Cheryl recently celebrated four years of sobriety. She’s dedicated to keeping her mental health and sobriety in check.

She truly is an inspiration to others who have been in her shoes.

The dancers are hard at work perfecting their Elvis Night routines

Sam and Cheryl are busy in the rehearsal room right now. Elvis Night kicks off tomorrow at 8 PM eastern time on Disney+. The pair only have so much time to practice and put the finishing touches on their routine before they show the country.

Without a doubt, there are going to be some pretty fun costumes. However, Sam Champion admitted he wasn’t crazy about what the DWTS producers initially wanted to do with him.

“I don’t wanna dance in a wig. I think that’s too much around me when I got enough to kind of freaking figure out,” the meteorologist confessed in a recent Instagram vlog. His fans agreed that he would look silly in a wig and hoped that the DWTS team would just dye his hair instead.

Fans will have to tune in to Disney+ tomorrow night to see what Sam and Cheryl ultimately pull off. You won’t want to miss it!

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