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Christine Brown Makes Mykelti’s Day Perfect With Selfless Act

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Sister Wives fans love Christine Brown for a wide variety of reasons. She’s kind, caring, and above all else, she puts her children first. This isn’t really something that fans can say about Kody Brown.

Most fans know that Mykelti Brown Padron actually gave birth to her first child in April 2021. However, the show just now caught up to that point. In Season 17, fans will actually see Avalon Asa Padron come into the world — even though she’s nearly 18 months old in real life.

A new teaser released by TLC revealed that Christine Brown made a very selfless act as Mykelti prepared to give birth. Keep reading to see what happened.

Sister Wives fans are moved by Christine Brown’s selflessness

It’s no secret that Robyn and Christine Brown don’t always agree on everything. Robyn is very much committed to the Brown family’s religion and lifestyle. However, Christine has decided it’s no longer for her and she wants out. She isn’t even an active member of their church any longer.

But even so, Christine is a dedicated mother and is willing to do anything for her children.

In a new clip released by TLC, Mykelti is about to give birth. She says she wants for her mother Christine to be there as well as Robyn. Mykelti describes how she lived with Robyn’s family for a brief period of time while she was courting Kody. She really bonded with Robyn and her children during that time and wants her to be present for the birth.

Despite the ongoing tension Christine has with Kody and Robyn, the 50-year-old happily called her former sister wife and got her on a Zoom call. She put aside her own feelings to make sure Mykelti had everything she wanted as she prepared to give birth.

Christine Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Sister Wives/TLC

Many fans couldn’t help but point out this is probably something Robyn would not have done in return. If her daughters were in labor, many viewers don’t believe Robyn would call Christine and ask for her to come, even if the daughters requested it.

Mykelti Padron opts for a more private birth

Although she did want some family members present, Mykelti Padron ultimately decided that the birth wasn’t going to be a family affair. She allowed Christine and Robyn to be present, but chose not to allow Meri, Janelle, or even Kody to attend.

Tony and Mykelti Padron from TLC, Sister Wives
Tony & Mykelti Padron/TLC

At the end of the day, the Browns have a pretty large family and it would be pretty uncomfortable to have all of them present for the birth. Many fans agreed with Mykelti’s decision to keep things a little more private.

Love Sister Wives? Don’t forget to catch the new episode tonight at 10 PM eastern time on TLC. See Mykelti finally become a mother onscreen and give Christine Brown her first biological grandchild.

What do you think of the season so far? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more.

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