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‘Big Brother’ Houseguests Say Goodbye To ‘Random Live Feeders’

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It’s the last day in the Big Brother house, which means it’s time for the houseguests to say goodbye to their fans across the world who are watching on the live feeds. Of course, each houseguest had a farewell message for the live feeders before they were officially shut off for the season.

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All summer, fans of Big Brother have been able to turn on the live feeds to check in on the houseguests at any time. Because of this, the game was made more interesting. People could see what was going on when it happened versus having to wait for the show to end. However, sadly, all good things must come to an end. Just moments ago, the live feeds were turned off for the season.

The houseguests couldn’t let all the live feeders go without giving them a shoutout though. Taylor, Monte and Turner all gave the live feeders a shoutout before officially saying goodbye until tonight, where fans will watch one of them win the grand prize.


Of course, Turner started things off. Although he stumbled over his words quite a few times, he ended up delivery a concise thank you to everyone who tuned in all summer long.

“To all the random live feeders, thank you for watching,” Turner says. He even jokes a bit adding “Because of you I had a job this summer.”

Big Brother | Youtube


Monte took things a little deeper with his speech. Not only did he thank everyone for tuning in this summer, but he thanked people for not spreading the bad things he could’ve been caught doing. While it seems that most everything that happened in the house spread across the internet quite quickly, the sentiment was still nice.

“To all the live feeders I just want to say thank you for tuning in and watching my a** and the rest of these clowns just parade around the house having fun,” he starts.

“We’ve got a great group here I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our journey from day 1…” he continues. “Love you guys, hope you’ve enjoyed this season because we sure as h*ll have”

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

Big Brother Taylor

Finally, it was Taylor’s turn to command the camera’s attention. Of course, thanking the live feeders for watching.  And, backing her up when everyone was bullying her.

“It’s been quite a journey and I’m sure I was one of the last people expected to make it this far in the game,” Taylor starts.

“I am so happy that there are people that can see the truth in the moment as it happens,” she continues. “I appreciate all the work that has probably been done on my behalf.”

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

Will you be watching the season finale of Big Brother tonight? let us know in the comments below. Come back for more on all of your favorite reality TV stars from the BB house and beyond!

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  1. I’m beyond happy Taylor won, she worked hard that money ! She took so much crap, where others would have folded but she endures ans WON!

    ps ..where was Paloma..LMAO

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