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‘Big Brother’ Alyssa Refuses To Move In With Kyle

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It was a good run, but it seems that the showmance of the Big Brother season is officially over. After being in the jury house together, it seems like Alsysa is pretty over hanging out with Kyle.

Big Brother showmance ends

Kyle and Alyssa were already on the rocks when Kyle got accused of making some racist remarks in the house. However, it looks like their time in the jury house has only solidified that. Entertainment Weekly got the chance to ask the jury house members some questions about their time now outside of the house.

One of those questions had to do with who out of the jury house they would want to be their permanent roommate. While she says she loves all of her fellow jury members, Alyssa says she would not choose to live with anyone in the jury house.

“I would say among the current jurors that probably Michael played the best game. I’m sure everybody is on the same page with that. He is the comp beast of our season and he is an angel and we love him very much,” she says.

So, it’s safe to say she will not be moving in with Kyle when the show ends. However, not to worry, Kyle also didn’t choose Alyssa to be his roommate. Instead, he picked Joseph because of his healthy lifestyle.

“If I had to be permanent roommates with one of my fellow jurors, probably Joseph, just the mere fact of him waking up early, eating healthy, working out — I think I would just get in the best shape of my life if he was my roommate,” he says.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

What did the other jury members say?

Surprisingly, Alyssa was the only one to say she can’t live with another houseguest. Answers were all over the board, however, it seems Michael was a popular choice due to just how clean he is.

“I would definitely go with Michael, because he’s my roommate now and he doesn’t snore. We’re always laughing. He eats any of the food I cook. He always does the dishes after me. He’s very sanitary,” Joseph says.

Indy seems to agree saying: ” If I had to have a permanent roommate, it probably would be Michael because he’s perfect, guys. You guys have no idea. He’s organized, he’s clean. He’s fun. I’d like to share the house with Jasmine as well, but I’m actually done with sharing my space with them. I’m good to have no roommate from now on.”

Micheal seems to be pretty well loved by everyone considering not only did the most people pick him to be roommates, but most of them also thought he was the best player this season. If he didn’t get blindsided, it seems that he really would’ve had a shot at taking the win tonight.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

Will you be tuning in for the season finale of Big Brother tonight? Who do you want to see win? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on all of your favorite reality TV stars!

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