‘The View’ Whoopi Goldberg Appalled, Threatens No More Shows

Whoopi Goldberg [The View | YouTube]

Whoopi Goldberg threatened that there will be no more shows. This comes after The View moderator has been shutting down the talk show early. Whoopi has been making many blunders lately. On Thursday’s broadcast, she admitted that she “should probably never do the show again.”

The 66-year-old shared her shocking admission. She made a joke that didn’t go over well with the production crew. Whoopi tries to call the shots when it comes to the talk show. However, it didn’t work out well in her favor this time around.

Read on to learn more about the latest controversy and what caused it.

The View Hosts [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

Whoopi Goldberg has some explaining to do

Whoopi Goldberg was forced to explain herself. When The View came back from its commercial break, she had to clarify something to the audience and the watchers at home. Whoopi shared the details of a conversation that took place behind the scenes. She looked appalled as she revealed what the producers told her.

“Before I do this introduction, I need to make clear that I was doing what I do as a comic,” Whoopi Goldberg explained. “Sometimes I make jokes. And it was a joke. Nothing more than that. I just got a whole conversation about people misunderstanding the joke.”

Whoopi Goldberg [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
The Oscar winner admitted that “it was just a joke.” She wanted to move on with the “amazing conversation” that was taking place next. However, most fans on Twitter didn’t know what Whoopi Goldberg was even talking about. Most of them missed the joke she said before the show.

  • “What joke was she referencing? I’m confused.”
  • “I’m watching and I don’t know what joke she is talking about!”
  • “What was the joke? I missed it.”
  • “I still don’t understand what joke they are upset about.”
  • “I don’t see or hear anything offensive. What is happening??”

The View host cracks a political joke

Prior to the commercial break, Whoopi Goldberg cracked a joke about Lindsey Graham. The View co-hosts took part in a conversation about marriage rights. Some have a feeling that the Supreme Court could take away rights next from the LGBTQ+ community. Whoopi joked that the senator might be secretly gay.

Most who caught the earlier segment were upset with her political joke. However, other fans defended the actress and called it “brilliant.” They found nothing wrong with it. However, some argued that it’s never okay to joke about someone hiding their sexuality.

Sunny Hostin [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
What are your thoughts on Whoopi Goldberg’s joke? Do you think it was offensive? What are your thoughts on this season of The View? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. woopee is a HASBEEN for a long time,I once loved her till about the issue if Trump won the Election she would move out the Country .that was the straw that broke my back

    1. offensive? no! i got the joke but maybe it was poor judgement on national tv. we have too many critics today passing judgement on others. lets all lighten up!!!

    1. How could anyone love Whoopi or The View? That show has been trash for years now. If you don’t agree with their thinking you’re the one that is wrong. It’s a middle aged Bitch Fest, not worth anyone’s time or energy. The network should put something more interesting and entertaining in the time slot.

      1. The View, it would seem, has become the political arm, of the Republican party. Sad. Whoopi Goldberg’s comments were a joke. We all know that. It’s sad that the View would make a big thing out of nothing….

  2. Whoopi Goldberg is a Moron. No one knows what will come out of her mouth. And she is offensive. No idea why she still has a job!

  3. I gave up The View years ago. These are angers, nasty women. Not even polite to each other. Too much anger to begin a day

      1. Yes, I have been a fan for years per Barbara Walters and her shows were super fun. I was okay for some time per Whoopi who I assumed was fair. The past two years per this puppet president the divide per race going on she is not as fair. She is very bitter about having been black and how she believes whites and others were all wrong and how blacks got treated. I knew of the Irish who got mistreated for years and heard and Italian call out one marrying and Italian said she was an Irish Pig? Germans after the war , and the Japanese again and again. Not one race that is 14% of the pop so many many others out here that are not noted except this month we get Hispanic . Time to move on and stop this hate and division and it is not by WOKE and CRT. See military and the many races and many are friends how has this worked and WHY? Even tried to push the CRT on the military. See how many of our military travel the world and make friends of so many other races? This comment on Graham and ones sexuality is their business not for The View or the World what you believe and want? I was a heterosexual for all my life. Married 40 years and our sex life was ours not the worlds. The comment made per Graham speaking out on Abortion and his not seeing a vagina was so disgusting to use ? What have we become that all okay to be Tran, LGBQT whatever you want and push out on everyone else I did not push Heterosexual . Now to put in grade schools WHY? Senator Graham has a right to be whatever and many are not sexual as many Priest are not and or Nuns are not? Now even average people are not. So we can now make horrible jokes on their choices?

  4. I don’t see anything wrong with her comment. Quiet as it’s kept Washingtonians, of whom I am one, know he is gay. It’s old news and DC is a small town with a close community. Everyone’s business is in the street …so to speak. There is no getting around it.

    1. Wow! A positive comment! I personally believe she’s an upfront, forward thinking, progressive, fair minded, multi talented personage. Curses on the folk who belittles nullifies and castigates… Shame on you!

    2. I think she is trying to get fired. Wouldn’t it be to her advantage to get fired instead of quitting? She is a loud mouth and had gone off the end but she is smart. I think she should have taken off the show a long time ago. She thinks her opinion is the one that’s right. GET RID of her!!!

  5. Imagine if Trump said this “joke”, we would be hearing nothing but “impeachment, he’s not fit for office” ect. Everyone cheering her on now would be livid that such a joke was told

    1. The show should be cancelled, period! They voice their own opinions and will not let anyone talk if they disagree with them. They use the joke explanation or the comedian explanation all the time. They are all narcissistic, ignorant egotists.

    2. 1st – trump isn’t president….. nor was he EVER “fit for office”…. so tbh, both of those statements, this whole argument is just goofy…. but just to play your little game with you…. would YOU have cared if he said it? or do u only have a problem cuz SHE did?

  6. I think because she is so out spoken that the producers don’t like it. I really believe that they would really like to get rid of her on the show. She speaks up and they would like her to be more passive and quiet. She speaks what she feels. This day and time people don’t like to hear the truth. Sad world we live in today.

    1. I don’t think what name Whoopi uses has any bearing on anything. The View is just that 4/5 women discussing their points of view on what is happening in America and the world. It’s entertainment (like Fox News). So don’t get your panties back n a bunch when something doesn’t go as planned. If you don’t like the show don’t watch it. I enjoy it for what it is “Entertainment” nothing more, nothing less.

  7. There’s nothing wrong with what Whoopi said. Lindsey Graham is an idiot, he deserves anything negative that is said about him. I love the show, I don’t know if Joy will stay if Whoopi leaves, then i won’t bother watching the show!

  8. I fount very funny I knew she was joking even though it may well be true 😊 I love this lady and stand behind her 100% please don’t let her go My wife and I are retired and I’m a Vietnam disabled veteran who watch the view every day

  9. Whoopi is loosing it. If a republican made that nasty call, they would have been all over the news.
    Shut those over the hill sad excuse for humans down
    StAndrews girl 2

  10. Whoopi Goldberg is an comedian and she told a joke, this why she was hired. She was discriminating about about anyone displaying there sexuality. At least the man wasn’t on the show. He may have slapper her. Oops wrong comedian. Lol

  11. Whoopi offends whomever she cares to whenever she wishes to. I quit watching the View because she loves to chew up and spit out anyone who doesn’t agree with her.

  12. Whoopi Goldberg is a comedian and she told a joke, this is one of the reasons she was hired. She was NOT discriminating about anyone sexual preference. At least the man was not on the show when she made the joke. He may have slapped her. Oops wrong comedian. Lol

  13. Even after hearing about the controversy, I still think the joke Whoopie made about Lindsay Graham was funny. After all, she is a comedian.

  14. I think the whole show is offensive. it should be removed or everyone replaced an they don’t need to talk politics. I really don’t care what cebs beliefs are on anything, they are here to entertain me an that’s it

  15. Whoopi has not been funny for years. She has let her racist remarks, hatred for others who think differently than she does and she is arrogant and egotistical. The View divides our country.

  16. This show is sickening! I can’t believe it is still on air. These “women” do nothing but spread hate and tear down other women.

  17. I thought her joke was right on. I watched another show where a guest suggested that Lindsey Graham had probably never seen a vagina. If inclined to agree with both of them. The republicans make very vile, racist and condescending comments and no one holds them accountable.
    Don’t start it if you can’t finish it.

  18. Whoopi surely is not the wise person she portrayed as Guinean on Star Trek Generations years ago. She’s a disgrace to that character.

  19. Ted Cruz is not gay. He could actually sue her for this. Whoopi always says she is going to do something and never does what she says. And, who is she to say anything about anyone when she doesn’t even use her real name, Caryn Elaine Johnson. Sonny doesn’t use her real name either, Asuncion Cummings

  20. It’s BEEN TIME for Goldberg’s exit from this long-term gig of hers !!! She frickin’-up too much, and showing signs of Dementia !!! The money is GOOD for her & Behar though, so, they’re not going to voluntarily Bail out … producers or the network will need to force them out !!!!!! I feel it coming !!!!

  21. All I will say that if you have a problem when a Republican says something then you should have a problem when a Democrat says it and vice versa. Otherwise you are a hypocrite.

  22. I don’t watch the view, but I’ve seen snippets of it through the years.
    I personally feel that Joy Behar just follows the masses with her opinions. She doesn’t seem very intelligent, but who cares?

    Whoopi may be a good comedian, and a talented actor, but that doesn’t give her the right to try to “out” someone on National Television (no matter who they are, or what you think if them).
    Let’s look at it a little differently…
    If the exact same thing was said by one of her friends, or someone that she supports, she be like a pitbull about it.

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