‘Little People Big World’ Star Amy Roloff Is Boring?

While Amy Roloff is at the center of everything that happens on Little People Big World, fans think her Instagram doesn’t do justice to her on-screen personality. While in the past she has been dubbed as annoying, childish, and negative by fans, her Instagram is totally on the opposite spectrum. As per LPBW fans, her IG is particularly boring in comparison to others in the family.

Fans Feel Amy Roloff’s Instagram Account Is Boring

Little People Big World Season 23 aired its final episode on July 19, 2022. Yet, as it turns out, it wasn’t received well by fans. They are convinced that TLC will scrape the series for good given how boring and monotonous it has become since it premiered for the very first time in 2006.

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Although Amy seemed conniving and deceiving throughout the season, her Instagram is just as pale as Season 23. Talking about this, a Redditor said, “Amy’s Instagram = Boring.”

“Does anyone else feel Amy’s Instagram is sooo boring? She is the worst about using Instagram to shill her wares. At least the others shill and give a few interesting pictures. I know solution is to unfollow her account. I just keep hoping it will improve,” they continued.

Reddit Users Feel Amy Should Start An Only Fans Account

However, another Reddit user didn’t agree with the statement and chimed in,

“I actually commented the other day on her insta about how sweet it was. I love the little glimpses into her writing and internal monologue. Instead of just being business she still gives us a lot of personal updates and it’s totally a ‘mom’ account. As a mom it’s sort of the stuff I like to see- just me tho. I do see how it’s lacking in the dynamic area but she does go live occasionally to spill and dish a lil.”

Little People Big World Amy Roloff Reddit

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A third user suggested, “Tell her to start an only fans w/ that junk in the trunk.”

“I don’t know very many 60-year-olds with exciting Instagram accounts,” noted the fourth user.

Little People Big World Amy Roloff Talks About A Big Achievement

Now that Season 23 has wrapped up, looks like Amy Roloff has been traveling a lot. Earlier this week, the LPBW matriarch talked about how busy her summer has been. She traveled everywhere from Italy to Alaska. She also soaked up the sun while spending some quality family time.

Amy Roloff Instagram

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Not just that, the 60-year-old also shared that she has been trying her best to keep up with her exercise routine. In her Instagram, she talked about how she walked about 3 miles to mark the start of the Fall season as she aims toward a healthy lifestyle.

Do you follow Amy Roloff on Instagram? Plus, do you think her IG is really boring? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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