Is Kris Jenner To Blame For Khloe Kardashian’s Heartbreak?

Kris Jenner | Youtube

In the newest episode of The Kardashians, fans got an inside look at what really went down with Khloe Kardashian and her new baby boy. However, after watching, fans are starting to wonder if this could all be Kris Jenner’s fault. Are you on the momager’s side?

Is Kris Jenner to blame for Khloe’s heartbreak?

In the season premiere of The Kardashians, it was made clear that Khloe has had a horrible year. Not only did her baby daddy cheat on her yet again, but they decided to have a baby while he knew he had secretly also gotten someone else pregnant.

Of course, this is the second time Khloe has had a rough baby delivery. The first time she had a baby, she also found out that Tristan cheated on her. It was actually revealed on the show that because of this, she went into labor very early. After that, the pair ended up getting back together, just for her to get hurt time and time again.

Now, fans are starting to think it could be Kris Jenner’s fault all this is happening – after all, she was pushing them to get married despite all he had done. Fans are discussing what went down and who is to blame on Reddit.

“I think it’s terrible Kris isn’t taking accountability for encouraging Khloe to give Tristan a second chance, to MARRY him, despite the fact he cheated on her whilst she was in one of her most vulnerable states – first time mother, after all the trauma she’d been through with Lamar,” one user writes in a long list of reasons why Kris Jenner is to blame for Khloe’s current state.

Of course, several others joined in defending Khloe and bashing her mom.

“Khloe needs to run far from them, all of this non sense for a TV show check,” one person writes.

“She is a narcissist,” another adds.

Khloe Kardashian | YouTube
Khloe Kardashian | YouTube

A forced baby shower

Another point fans found to be bothersome? The fact that Kris pushed a baby shower on Khloe when she really didn’t want one.

“I found it really weird that kris kept trying to push the baby shower. I’m not usually one to assume how people are feeling based on a snapshot on a tv show, but khloe seemed SO uncomfortable the entire conversation, especially towards the end when Kris was crying and saying that SHE needs the baby shower to feel good. Wtf,” a Reddit user shares.

Of course, in the end, Kris did end up throwing Khloe a baby shower and it was featured on the show. While it seems that Khloe had fun during the shower, there’s truly no way to know through the TV screen. However, one thing is certain. She asked her mom not to spend money on the shower and, needless to say, the shower seemed very over-the-top as most Kardashian parties do.

Kris Jenner | Youtube
Kris Jenner | Youtube

Regardless of what happened in the last year, it seems that Khloe Kardashian may be on the up and up. She let fans know just how much she loves them on Twitter today. Not only that, but she seems to have moved on romantically with a new Italian actor. Only time will tell how it goes!

Do you think Kris Jenner could be to blame for everything Khloe Kardashian is going through? After all, she did encourage them to stay together. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on all of your favorite reality TV shows.

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