Jeff Probst Talks About Cody Outsmarting ‘Survivor 43’ Producers

Cody on Survivor 43

Survivor 43 had a big two-hour premiere for the new season, and it was a lot of action for fans of the reality TV show. This didn’t feature two shows back-to-back, but a supersized opening that saw only one Tribal Council. This meant there was a lot going on.

There was a marooning challenge. The show featured a Sweat vs Savvy dilemma. Finally, one player from each tribe had to leave camp and make a risk vs reward decision, impacting their game. However, one thing that impressed host Jeff Probst was the play of Cody on the Survivor 43 premiere.

Cody outsmarts Survivor 43 producers

The opening reward challenge saw if the castaways could divide up their strengths. To start, two tribe members run across the beach and retrieve two large blocks. Two others swim out and pull in a boat with more blocks. The last two will arrange the blocks into a perfect cube. Someone will climb on top and dislodge the flint hanging over their head.

Jesse and Cody represented Vesi. By the end of the run, it was as close to even as possible. Vesi was in second place after the second portion with the swimming. Vesi then retook the lead when forming the perfect cube, which was basically a puzzle. However, the final part with removing the flint ended up won by Vesi thanks to Cody’s ingenious problem-solving skills.

Survivor 43 challenge

Dwight was climbing the blocks and that is when Cody screamed out to him a strategy. The teams have to use a 20-foot bamboo stick to knock off the flint. What if Dwight moves the flint so it falls into the hollow center of the bamboo? Dwight instantly secures the flint and Vesi won the first Survivor 43 competition.

Jeff Probst said the producers never saw this coming

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Probst said no one saw this coming. Jeff said that every producer looks at the challenges and figures out all the different ways the competitors could solve the puzzle. He said that nobody on their Survivor 43 “Dream Team” ever thought of securing the flint the way that Cody came up with.

Cody watching the Survivor 43 challenge

“Cody was the only player who stepped out of the emotional chaos and studied the problem while it was still unfolding,” Jeff said. He also pointed out his was a great moment for the Vesi tribe because it showed Cody is someone who can help them get far in the game because he is “both calm and wily.” He also hinted that this could be a clue to how well Cody will do in Survivor 43 because this is a “great example of how you have to play this game.”

What did you think of Cody’s way he solved the game? Is he now being considered a frontrunner on Survivor 43? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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