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Reality Steve Reveals Potential Controversial ‘Bachelor’ Contestant

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It looks like there is already some brewing controversy before The Bachelor season has even started filming. Reality Steve has been releasing names of potential women who could be cast for Zach Shallcross’s season of the show. One of these women is already facing some controversy. In fact, because of this controversy, Steve is hoping producers do not cast her for the show at all. What is going on? Keep reading to find out more.

Reality Steve reveals potential Bachelor casting issue

Reality Steve is hoping producers for The Bachelor see the news he’s sharing regarding one of their potential cast members. He’s hoping that getting the word out there will cause them to not cast her. In the end, he thinks it will save her and the show a lot of unneeded drama and criticism. What happened?

One woman who is potentially being cast for Zach’s season of the show put out a Facebook post in 2016 that is now coming back to haunt her. The post has since been deleted but not before multiple people obtained screenshots of it including, Steve.

The Bachelor Mystery 1

Vanessa Esparsen posted on Facebook about the infamous Brock Turner. For those who do not who about this case, a brief rundown is that he was prosecuted and convicted for sexually assaulting Chanel Miller. Both individuals were intoxicated and he took her behind a dumpster where he sexually assaulted her.

He was sentenced to six months in prison but only served three months due to good behavior.

What did Vanessa say about the situation? The entire post can be seen below which was shared by Reality Steve. She starts off saying she’s not defending Brock Turner. Then goes on to say that the victim is also at fault for drinking too much.

Bachelor Nation reaction

The reactions from Bachelor Nation have been mixed. Some are saying that Vanessa shared valid points. Others are agreeing with Steve saying she is out of her mind for posting such things.

One fan said, “This is not okay I really hope she is removed from the show. Victims are never to blame no matter what the circumstances.”

Another said, “Her take was very reasonable actually.”

Still another fan said, “That is an extremely bad take but she shouldn’t be removed from the show for an unpopular opinion.”

What do you think? Should Vanessa be removed from The Bachelor cast before this becomes an even bigger issue?

UPDATE: Vanessa was cut from the cast before filming began per Reality Steve. 

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