Money-Strapped Pumpkin Shows Off New Pricey Splurge


Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird has been strapped for cash. So much so, that she has been heavily promoting Cameos and meet and greets on social media. Plus, she gave out her husband, Josh’s CashApp for his birthday in case fans wanted to show a little love. Some have felt that this was a tacky approach especially since she has her sister in on it. Seventeen-year-old Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson is also heavy into promotions and subtly asking for gifts. However, it seems that Pumpkin is doing alright somewhere as she just showed off a rather expensive splurge. Read on to find out what she indulged in.

Pumpkin Makes A Purchase She Cannot Take Back

A short time ago, Pumpkin had messaged her mom that she did not have any groceries in her home. Instead of offering to help her out, Mama June told her to go on TikTok and make money. This was shocking to Pumpkin and fans alike. Luckily, she had her Aunt Doe Doe who has often come to her rescue with baby essentials and such. Still, Pumpkin and her sister, Alana have been hustling on their social media accounts. They are pushing Cameo appearances and meet and greets. Plus, Alana has an address for fans to send gifts to if they so desire so it really is never-ending.


Despite the push for money and gifts, Pumpkin has seemingly brushed all of this aside for a special splurge for herself. According to The Sun, the mom of four just got a full-sleeve tattoo. She showcased it on her Instagram story which was a repost from the actual artist. The sleeve is quite intricate and includes a tiger leading into a butterfly and ends with sunflowers. It seems that it has been a work in progress from the way the artist, Buck Lewallen said “More on this sleeve.”

work by @buck_lewallen_tattoo

Fans of the reality star know she is no stranger to ink and piercings. She has a handful of tattoos on display around her body and her tongue pierced. Alana also has both of her nostrils pierced, the second one which is a newer addition. No word on how much Pumpkin’s latest splurge cost but by the look of it, it was not cheap. However, it is definitely beautiful.

Making Moves & Money

As of now, Road to Redemption has not been renewed for another season. Yet, sources shared that Pumpkin, Alana, and their family were filming a spinoff. As for Mama June, she will not be a part of this but, as of Monday, was in the hospital after a routine checkup led to cause for concern. Prior to that, cameras were reportedly also following her around. This led to speculation that she was filming a new season of her series. If the girls have landed their own show, it is entirely possible they got an advance and Pumpkin is out celebrating with new ink.

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Amanda Lauren


  1. Pumpkin should’ve checked her bank account before she had all them kids. Sometimes she has a smart mouth for no reason. Check the attitude at the door.Dont like the way her and her husband bullied Sugarbear into signing over his parental rights. He definitely ain’t the best father in the world but he still HER FATHER.

    1. Tattoos are cool but I don’t believe of no food in the house store.
      They say Josh works but I thought yeah his mouth.
      Jessica works part-time, I guess.
      Where is the money from the show?
      Maybe they need to join money management and tie those tubes or snip snip Josh.
      If it wasn’t for Mama June they would be worst off.

  2. If she paid for that tattoo it was about at least $1200. But there is a possibility that the tattoo artist gave it to her for free for publicity because she’s famous for being on a show and a creator on TikTok. I’m just saying.

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