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‘GMA’ Ginger Zee Sets Pearl-Clutching Troll Straight

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GMA meteorologist Ginger Zee set the pearl-clutching trolls straight. One accused the bubbly anchor of looking like a “retired stripper.” She caught wind of the cruel comment and clapped back. Read on to learn more and see how the conservation started.

GMA meteorologist slammed for her work attire

Ginger Zee forecasted the weather in the latest broadcast of Good Morning America. Some trolls thought her outfit was too much for TV. During the report, she wore a black fitted cardigan over a white button-up shirt and a body-hugging black-and-white skirt.

She finished off her look with silver hoop earrings, silver bracelets, and black pumps. The 41-year-old made an appearance during the on-screen appearance. However, some people took offense to her outfit. Even though Ginger was covered from head to toe, they thought she was dressed provocatively.

Ginger Zee Chattanooga, TN [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

One troll clutches their pearls

During that broadcast, some fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts. One troll got one look at Ginger Zee and clutched their pearls. They accused the Dancing with the Stars alum of looking like a “retired stripper.

“Gingerzee dresses and poses like a retired stripper turned streetwalker,” the troll tweeted.

The kicker is that the so-called fan even spelled her name wrong. Some of her fans took to her official Twitter account to share their thoughts on her outfit. Most of them agreed that Ginger looked great. She reciprocated their kind words by retweeting them to her feed.

Ginger Zee claps back at the troll

Ginger Zee caught wind of the troll who spelled her name wrong. She laughed off the rude comment with a photo of her outfit. She also joked that she’s been missing the interaction from the trolls lately. Check out her ultimate diss below:

“I have been missing these harsh disses on Twitter lately,” Ginger Zee fired back. “Thank you for the smile. Now, in this storyline you’ve invented, when was my turn to streetwalker? And how did I get into the GMA studios? If this is what a stripper turned prostitute wears… I’m out of the loop.”

GMA fans took to her tweet to defend her. They applauded her for clapping back at the troll and being so poised about it. One fan called Ginger “brilliant, classy, and beautiful.” Another assured her that she’s a “smart beautiful woman.”

Others raved about her outfit. Some sarcastically noted that they’re not sure what a “retired stripper” is supposed to look like. Another joked that they wished they looked like one if that’s what they looked like.

Ginger Zee [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
What are your thoughts on what the online troll said? Did you like Ginger Zee’s response? What are your thoughts on her outfit? Sound off below in the comment section.

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