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Whitney Way Thore Brings Tears With Latest Private Moments

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Whitney Way Thore definitely has quite a bit going on this season. Fans are happy to know that Babs is okay in the present day and recovering well. But it’s still incredibly hard to watch her dealing with the aftermath of her stroke onscreen.

But the good news is that Babs isn’t going through this alone. Whitney and her father are there for Babs every step of the way. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star recently shared a new update that warmed fans’ hearts. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Whitney Way Thore shares precious moments with her mother

While Babs is in recovery, she’s absolutely showered with love from her family. Whitney frequently shares updates with fans and shows them sweet videos. She and her dad are doing everything in their power to make Babs feel loved while she recovers from her stroke.

Whitney Way Thore and Babs, My Big Fat Fabulous Life from TLC
My Big Fat Fabulous Life/TLC

“I don’t think I could have ever imagined how much I would treasure these little moments with my mother — especially at bedtime, which is my favorite,” Whitney captioned her Instagram video. “Usually Dad goes to watch TV and we lie in bed and cackle about things (memories, videos of ferrets, etc.) until she falls asleep. And the last thing we always say is, ‘I love you.’ 🤍”

“I hope you know how much joy you bring to us just by sharing these precious moments! ❤️” one fan wrote in the comments section.“So beautiful, you are an amazing wonderful daughter and have a beautiful caring loving family ❤️” another added.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans were absolutely heartbroken to learn about Babs’ stroke, but they are so thankful that her family is around her to help out. Without a doubt, it’s clear that Babs is deeply loved and cared for.

Not long ago, Whitney Way Thore uploaded a video of her dad singing and dancing with Babs to try to bring a smile to her face.

The Thore family may have its struggles, but there’s no shortage of love to go around. And fans are so thankful for that.

The Thore family isn’t quite out of the woods yet

Babs’ stroke was bad enough, but things may just get a little worse for the Thore family on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Recent clips revealed that the family cat, Henchi, may actually have cancer.

In the clip, Whitney and Lennie are on their way to the vet. Whitney describes the situation and says she’s really worried. Henchi cheated death before, but may not be so lucky this time. Lennie reveals that the Thores have enough on their plates at the moment and really can’t handle another crisis. With any luck, Henchi will be fine.

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