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Tiffany Bates’ Bizarre Social Media Activity Continues

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Bringing Up Bates fans have noticed that things are a little odd on Tiffany Bates’ Instagram page these days. She’s made some interesting moves over the past few days, and she’s still continuing. So, what’s going on? Keep reading for all of the details.

As we previously reported, fans noticed that Tiffany unfollowed every member of the Bates family, except for her husband, Lawson. She also follows Lawson’s dog and horse on Instagram, as well as her dad and brother. Previously, she was following many people. So, it’s unclear why she cleaned up her following list so dramatically.

Now, Tiffany Bates has done something else on social media that has fans talking.

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Tiffany Bates makes another odd move.

On RedditBringing Up Bates fans pointed out that Tiffany is still interacting with her husband’s family despite unfollowing them. On Wednesday, Whitney Bates (Zach’s wife) posted about her own birthday. As many Bates family members commented on the post to wish her a happy birthday, Tiffany joined in.

Tiffany left two comments. One is a simple happy birthday message. Another one says, “You’re always so kind to everyone.”

Below, you can see Tiffany’s comments on Whitney’s new post.

Whitney Bates Instagram, Tiffany Bates

Fans think this is strange because Tiffany would have had to search for Whitney’s post in order to see it. When she still followed the Bates family members, their posts would easily show up in her feed. But now, she must go to the Instagram search bar and type in each family member’s name if she wishes to see their posts.

Someone acknowledged how much work this is and said, “She probably has to go search them up manually to see if they posted since they won’t show up in her Instagram feed. Ridiculous.”

One Reddit user wrote, “Weird Tiffany doesn’t follow any of the Bates girls but yet leaves comments on their posts 🤔 recent comment on Whits page of her birthday post.”

Others are discussing Tiffany’s comment and think that it could be a way to shade other members of the family. One fan wrote, “The ‘you’re so kind to everyone’ comment could certainly be dig at others who haven’t been so warm in this relationship.”

So, do you think it’s odd that Tiffany Bates unfollowed so many of her relatives on Instagram but is still interacting with them? What do you think this is all about? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bringing Up Bates news.

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