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‘OutDaughtered’ Why Did Adam Busby Put Ava In Spotlight?

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Adam Busby seemingly responded to accusations of favoritism by putting a different quint in the spotlight. This time it was none other than his daughter Ava Busby stepping into the spotlight. Like her sister Hazel, Ava was also helping her parents out by modeling some clothing for a photo shoot for Graeson Bee. In response to this follow-up post with another one of his daughters, fans weren’t nearly as accusatory. In fact, there wasn’t one negative comment blasting Adam for playing favorites anywhere to be found.

Just like Hazel, Adam took the time to praise his beautiful daughter Ava Busby in a special way in the caption of the photo. Unlike Hazel, however, his post with Ava included more than one photo. OutDaughtered fans wasted no time rushing to the comments to sing high praises for this adorable little quint. Moreover, they also reminded Adam Busby how lucky he was to have such adorable little models within his own household.

What praise did Adam and OutDaughtered fans have to say about Ava Busby? Keep reading for the details and to see the precious photos!

Adam Busby Youtube
Adam Busby Youtube

Adam Busby and fans sing high praise for Ava

In the caption of his photo session with Ava Busby, Adam admits he absolutely adores having her in his studio. He explained that her giggles are magical as they echo through his studio. And, he does what he can to encourage her to laugh more so he can snap his camera to capture the magic on film.

He penned in his caption: “Love hearing Ava’s giggles in the studio. Every time I’m snapping her photo I’ll cut up with her until she loses composure. It’s my fav…”

OutDaughtered fans couldn’t help but notice that Adam Busby tossed “It’s my fav…” at the end of his caption. Most fans believed that was Adam taking a savage dig at those who had previously accused him of playing favorites with Hazel.

Adam Busby - Instagram
Adam Busby – Instagram

In response to these gorgeous photos, OutDaughtered fans had nothing but kind words for Ava Busby. They, however, did admit how fast she was growing up was a bit scary. Here’s some of what fans had to say:

  • “Love natural pics like these. Helps to have a beautiful model.”
  • “Great casual outfits, quite fashionable for girls of her age. Ava whom looks so much like her Daddy, models them well”
  • “I can hear the giggles looking at those pictures.”

Some fans admit they were a bit overwhelmed by how cute Ava Busby is in these photos. Let us know what you think about them in the comments down below.

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