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Michelle Duggar Shocks Fans In Tight Clothes On Recent Outing

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Fans of the Duggar family were flabbergasted when they spotted Michelle Duggar walking with her daughter Jinger while rocking a pair of snug black leggings. While there was some debate on whether either member of the Duggar family was actually rocking an “edgy” outfit, fans agreed Michelle Duggar’s outfit was completely out of character. Moreover, fans couldn’t believe how incredible Michelle looked considering how many children she’s popped out of her body.

Was Michelle Duggar defying her husband Jim Bob while walking around in snug, black leggings? Shocked fans had to do a double-take and zoom in on the photo to be sure. So, what was the slender and sexy Michelle Duggar wearing in this photo? Keep reading for the details.

Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar’s Baby Naming Process: Old Video Surface [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]

Did Michelle Duggar defy her husband Jim Bob?

Is grandma Michelle Duggar bringing sexy back while walking around in black, snug leggings? The answer to this question is “kind of.” Fans were not denying that Michelle Duggar looked absolutely breathtaking in the photo considering what her body has gone through over the years. Some fans, however, thought it was a bit backhanded to imply a woman isn’t supposed to look attractive after having children.

Zooming in and getting a closer look on the photo, fans were pretty disappointed to learn Michelle wasn’t actually roaming around in nothing more than a pair of black leggings. Turns out, she had a little black skirt that was the exact same shade of black on as well. The distance of her body in the photo and the color of the skirt and pants caused the skirt to blend in with the leggings. So, at first glance, it did appear as if she was wearing nothing more than a pair of leggings.

Duggar Bates Confessions - Instagram
Duggar Bates Confessions – Instagram

Duggar fans react to the photo

In response to learning she had a skirt on in the photo, fans were pretty disappointed. They, however, still wanted to discuss how incredible Michelle Duggar looked in the photo. There, however, was some heated debate about whether her outfit (or Jinger’s) could be considered “edgy.”

Here’s what some fans had to say about the photo which you can click here to see on Instagram:

  • “In the quiverfull cult the women aren’t allowed to gain weight.”
  • “She has slimmed down a bit.”
  • “A mother could never ‘look bad’. I hate it when people say that. It’s so disrespectful and backhanded.”
  • “The duggar girls now wear leggings under the skirt or dress.”

Many popped into the comments shocked to see Michelle Duggar wearing pants. They, however, were quickly clued in on the fact that she did have a black skirt on top of her pants. Did you notice the skirt in the photo at first? Let us know in the comments down below.

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