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Kody Brown Admits Shocking True Feelings About His Kids

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TLC dropped a bonus scene from this season of Sister Wives featuring Kody Brown (along with Janelle and Christine) sharing their thoughts on adult children living at home. Kody wanted it to be clear he isn’t cold-hearted when it comes to his adult children. He, however, does have a pretty strict philosophy after they become adults. Turns out, he only really has room within his multiple households for adult children that benefit him. What did Kody Brown have to say exactly? Keep reading or head over to Instagram and listen to what he said.

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Kody Brown must benefit from his adult children

During a confessional on the couch, Kody Brown wants the world to know he will always be there for his children. He, however, requires a situation to benefit him and the other children still living at home if an adult child is going to stick around. Kody Brown clarified that Maddie and Caleb living under his roof for a period of time was a “blessing” for the entire family. He explained it was a situation that helped everyone and he had no issues with it. Kody, however, admits the second an adult child becomes a burden or stops being a blessing they need to leave.

Kody Brown clarifies he is referring to Gabe and Garrison who are both adults and need to get out of Janelle’s home. According to Kody, he’s been robbed of a relationship with both Janelle and Savanah because of Gabe and Garrison. He explains that his adult sons have become a burden to the family instead of a blessing. And, because they are adults, there is no reason why they can’t get their own place.

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Sister Wives fans express disgust for Kody

In response to this revelation, Sister Wives fans admit their feelings for Kody haven’t changed. Fans are flabbergasted by how Kody spoke of his sons on television. And, they think it is disgusting he blames his son for his own issues. Moreover, most fans agree they don’t believe Kody would suddenly be more involved in Janelle’s life if her boys moved out. Fans believe it is just a convenient excuse at the moment.

Does it surprise you that Kody Brown has certain strict guidelines for his adult children that stay around? Do you think these guidelines apply to Robyn Brown’s children too? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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  1. Kody is an arrogant not good person. He thinks The whole show should revolve around him. And if he is as Christian as he says he is he would certainly spend more genuine time with all of his children. He doesn’t help any of his wives with anything, they handle everything. He just drops in to sleep with them then when he’s no longer attracted to them sexually, then he just wants to be in control of them and try to dictate what he wants them to do..
    Basically he is a looser to the core!!!

  2. The only reason Kody is mad, is it looks like his manhood looks bad,can’t keep his women happy in the plural community good he is such a puke. Haven’t watched he’s a pig hope the show ends

  3. I am tired of Kody as husband and father. I
    Am also tired of watching a show where there is no happiness and love. He shows no love for wives, children or grandchildren. It is over!

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