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Adam Levine’s Alleged Flings Pile Up: Meet The Women

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No one has been able to scroll social media this week without seeing a mention of Adam Levine. A woman came forward, stating that Levine cheated on his wife with her by sending flirty Instagram messages. Now, a total of four women have come forward with accusations about the singer. Who are they? Keep reading to find out!

Adam Levine Expecting His Third Child

These allegations are piling up at a stressful time for Levine and his family. Behati Prinsloo, Levine’s Victoria’s Secret supermodel wife, recently announced that they were expecting their third child.

Behati Prinsloo baby bump photo on Instagram - Adam Levine - Instagram/Behati Prinsloo Levine

Credit: Instagram/Behati Prinsloo Levine

The supermodel posted a bump photo to Instagram and captioned it “Recent” with a fairy emoji. Many people jumped to congratulate her and Levine in the comments. However, just a few days later, the internet exploded with allegations being made against her husband.

Sumner Stroh Makes The First Allegation

Sumner Stroh was the first woman to come forward alleging that she had an affair with Adam Levine. Stroh, an Instagram model, said that she and Levine had been together before they fell out of touch for several months. Eventually, Levine got back in touch with Stroh to ask if he could name his third child after her.

Sumner Stroh on Instagram - Adam Levine - Instagram/Sumner Stroh

Credit: Instagram/Sumner Stroh

Stroh was admittedly taken aback by the statement and screenshotted it to send to a trusted friend. According to Stroh, that person was trying to sell the snaps to media outlets. So, she decided to come forward with the information on her own.

Whether that is true or not, Levine came forward to address what the 23-year-old Instagram model was accusing him of. He did not deny the fact that he had flirtatious conversations with Stroh but he remained adamant that he did not cheat on his wife. Now, three more women have come forward saying that Levine has had inappropriate conversations with them too.

Meet The Other Women

After Stroh came forward with her story, several other women have said that Levine has been flirty with them too. The second woman to come forward is a comedian named Maryka. She shared screenshots and details in an Instagram Story. In one message to Maryka, Adam Levine stated that he may need “to see the booty” and continued to drool over her.

Alanna Zabel shared her recollections on her Instagram Story. She wrote, “Long overdue #ExposeAdamLevine. I was his yoga teacher for a few years from 2007-10. He often said that he told his friends his yoga teacher had the best a** in town and it was cute. One day he texted me saying: ‘I want to spend the day with you naked.’ I was in the bath but my jealous ex saw it and went into a rage.”

Though she tried to tell her boyfriend that the text must have been meant for someone else, Levine never replied saying so. Zabel went on to explain that her ex broke her wrist in an altercation following that event. Levine completely iced her out and she was absolutely devastated.

Alyson Rose, who has come forward with screenshots from Adam Levine - Instagram/Alyson Rose

Credit: Instagram/Alyson Rose

Alyson Rose is another woman who has come forward to expose Levine for his cheating ways. Rose came forward with screenshots of messages from Levine that she posted to TikTok. What she posted was mild, but she said there were a lot of inappropriate messages she didn’t feel comfortable sharing and has since removed the video.

While Adam Levine maintains that he never cheated, just “crossed the line,” many people aren’t convinced. What do you think? Is what he did cheating? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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