Adam Busby Brags Hazel Basil Is The Cutest, See Why

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Adam Busby of OutDaughtered shared a precious photo of his daughter Hazel Basil as he declared she was “the cutest.” The photo featured Hazel Busby sitting criss-cross with her chin resting in the palm of her hand as her fingers supported one side of her face. Hazel was completely surrounded by empty white space in the background behind her and underneath her. It was clear to everyone she was doing a little modeling for daddy for her mother’s clothing boutique.

Despite it being painfully obvious this was from a photoshoot for Graeson Bee, many fans still felt compelled to ask where the gorgeous rainbow knitted sweater came from. Some fans, however, had other questions and concerns about the precious photo. Questions that had little to do with what Hazel Basil was wearing. Some fans thought it was a bit strange that Adam Busby posted a photo of JUST this daughter while referring to her as “the cutest.” Was he playing favorites?

Hazel Busby, Adam Busby | Instagram
Adam Busby | Instagram

OutDaughtered: Where is that gorgeous sweater from?

The gradient rainbow knitted sweatshirt features a wide range of blended colors including blue, purple, pink, orange, and yellow. Some fans admitted they were compelled to know where the sweater came from. Others outright asked if the sweater could be purchased from their family boutique. Adam Busby responded to the questions to confirm it was a Graeson Bee sweatshirt. It, however, had not been made available for purchase just yet. The photoshoot and his adorable little model was just about getting things ready for the release of this new item.

Adam Busby accused of playing favorites

In the comments, one OutDaughtered fan was quick to accuse Adam of playing favorites. The individual noted he seemed to post way more content of Hazel Basil compared to his other children. Likewise, he outright said Hazel Busby was “the cutest” in the caption of his Instagram post.

“Cool story bro,” Adam responded firing back at the accusation. He followed up by adding a clown emoji to the end of his rebuttal.

Busby - Instagram
Busby – Instagram

Now, this isn’t the first time OutDaughtered fans have accused Adam Busby of playing favorites with his children. Adam and Danielle get accused of playing favorites with Hazel all the time. Adam has openly admitted it was exhausting to get accused of favoring one of his children over the other by fans all of the time.

What do you think about what Adam Busby posted on Instagram? Is Hazel Busby the cutest of them all? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  1. They are all beauties. It might be because Hazel’s hair is a different color than all the other girls. No favorites, dad!!! He loves them all equally, I’m sure.

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