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Wendy Williams’ Ex In Tears Over The Host’s Stint In Rehab

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Wendy Williams recently entered a rehabilitation center and stories about the long-time talk show host have started to surface. Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, posted a teary video on Instagram about the matter. However, some of the comments he made have Wendy’s fans up in arms. Keep reading to see why.

Wendy Williams Admitted To Rehab

Wendy Williams’ representative, Shawn Zanotti, confirmed that the former talk show host was seeking help for substance abuse. Fans of The Wendy Williams Show know that the host was absent from the entire last season of the syndicated talk show due to a number of health problems, including Graves disease, lymphedema, and substance/alcohol abuse.

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In June, Wendy’s show was canceled and she seems to have been spiraling since then. Zanotti, her publicist, said that she would be checking into a wellness facility to focus on working on her “overall health issues.” He asked her fans and people who love Wendy to send well-wishes and prayers.

“She is taking some time to focus on her health and wellness as she prepares for a major comeback for the next level in her career with The Wendy Experience Podcast,” Zanotti told The Sun. He went on to say that she is being treated by some of the best doctors in the world.

Sources close to Wendy told The Sun that the former talk show host has been struggling with alcohol abuse. They told the publication, “Wendy can’t stop drinking, she just can’t.” Her failing health is a direct result of her drinking problem. It is only making things worse.

Kevin Hunter’s Odd Instagram Post

In a recent Instagram post, Wendy’s ex broke down in tears about the former host’s condition. “She is getting the help that she needs. And hopefully, you know, she’ll come out of this swinging. I know she’s got it in her,” Hunter said in the video.

Kevin Hunter on Instagram talking about Wendy Williams' health - Instagram/Kevin Hunter

Credit: Instagram/Kevin Hunter

Crying into the camera, Kevin talked about his decision to stop smoking weed to further support his family. He said that this was to focus on his family and provide them with everything that they need.

This isn’t the first time Wendy Williams has been in a rehab facility though. In 2019, when Hunter’s mistress gave birth to his son, Wendy checked into rehab for substance abuse, which is why so many of her fans were startled by his next claim.

Kevin went on to thank everyone for standing behind them and helping them build such a successful career. “It takes a village,” Kevin said. According to him, that village includes his wife Sharina Hudson, with whom he cheated on Wendy. As you can imagine, fans rolled their eyes at this but are continuing to hold hope for Wendy.

What do you think about Kevin Hunter’s comments about Wendy Williams? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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    The Emmy Awards is over. It’s because of you she’s in the shape that she is in. You didn’t have to do her like that. You cheated on her and that’s what she can’t get past. If you was just straight up with her maybe she could have dealt with it with more strength and dignity. Lose me with the tears and concerns. You shitted on her. Own up.

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