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Josie Bates Balka Spills Details On How She Does It All

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Josie Bates Balka has a lot on her plate, and fans are wondering how she can handle it all. She opened up to fans about how she juggles everything and still makes time for her daughters. The Bringing Up Bates star opened up and shared a glimpse into her life as a mom and business owner. Keep reading to find out what she said.

If you didn’t know, Josie is one of several Bates kids who own their own businesses. She has a company called Effortless Beauty and sells a variety of hair accessories online. In addition to having an online store, the Bringing Up Bates star does hair and makeup for weddings and other events. So, she manages to stay pretty busy. 

No matter what, she tries to prioritize her time with her two daughters, Willow, 3, and Hazel, 1.

Josie Bates Instagram

If you follow Josie Bates on social media, you’ve likely seen some of her posts about what she’s up to. When Josie hosted a Q&A session on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, curious fans asked about her busy lifestyle and how she does it all.

Josie Bates Balka opens up about her busy lifestyle

When a fan asked how she has a work/life balance, Josie got real and let her followers know that “something is always falling through the cracks.”

She continued, “There will always be more work to do but my babies won’t be young forever so I try to work when they nap or when they sleep and be present when they’re awake.” She also said that she has babysitters watch her daughters a couple of days per week so she can get more done.

Finally, Josie Bates said:

“Make the things important to you a priority and become so efficient with your time that when you’re working you’re getting so much accomplished and when you’re networking try to be fully present!”

Below, you can read Josie Bates’ full explanation.

Josie Bates Instagram

Another fan was curious to know when Josie wakes up and when she goes to bed. Often, she starts her days early and stays up late working. She said she goes to bed around 1 AM and wakes up with her daughters around 6 AM. So, it sounds like she sacrifices hours of sleep to handle all of her business tasks. 

Josie Bates Instagram

So, are you impressed by Josie Bates Balka and all that she does? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bringing Up Bates news.

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