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‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Have BIG Questions About Commercial Breaks

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Jeopardy! fans have big questions about commercial breaks. Season 39 of the classic game show premiered on Monday, September 12. Since then, fans haven’t been happy with Ken Jennings and the way he’s hosted the show. Even though he’s been favored more than Mayim Bialik, they’re watching to see if he will play by the rules. Read on to learn what’s on their minds now.

The question that’s on Jeopardy! fans’ minds

On Tuesday, September 20, one Jeopardy! fan took to the subreddit to ask about the commercial breaks. They want to know if the players are aware of the first commercial break. There can be moments when they place their buzzers down before the host announces the break. Or, the player chooses another clue, but the host has to pause to allow the commercial break to start.

“Is there an indicator such as the buzz-in light or the board going blank or something that tells contestants it’s break time before the host does?” the fan asked.

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Unfortunately, there’s no indication of the first break. It usually takes place after the first 15 clues, one fan noted. Jeopardy! fans should also take note that each episode is edited. This means, what you see on-air is not always what happens live in the studio.

Episodes are filmed months ahead. Season 39 of Jeopardy! started filming in August. At the time, there were already whispers about a super-champ taking over the show. Fans are seeing that unfold just now. Reigning champ Luigi De Guzman had a strong start, but his reign has since come to an end.

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Even without an indicator, it wouldn’t be hard for the contestants to tell when the first break is upon them. This normally takes place halfway into the round. However, some fans think changes need to take place on the long-running show.

Does the show need to change its ways?

One Jeopardy! fan suggested an idea for indicating the first commercial break. It can reduce the “awkward” pauses and moments that happen. Fans can tell when the show is out of sync, especially when it comes to whoever’s hosting. For instance, Mayim has been criticized for pausing and slowing down the pace of the show.

“I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t someone holding up a cue card with a stop sign on it that the players could clearly see, to avoid those awkward moments,” the Redditor wrote.

There could be reasons why Jeopardy! producers don’t want to give an indicator. When it comes to the first commercial break, they could give a signal. One who attended a live taping of the show said they didn’t notice anything of the sort.

What are your thoughts on the first commercial break? Do you think the players should be notified better? Or, do you think it doesn’t affect the game? Sound off below in the comment section.

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