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‘Life After Lockup’: The Truth Behind Kayla & Tiffany’s Friendship

Love After Lockup

Life After Lockup star Kevin Hale is torn between two women. Kayla is his longtime on-and-off girlfriend. The two have had a passionate love affair and they always seem to come back to one another. Then there is Tiffany, his formerly locked-up love. Kayla is crazy jealous of any girl who interferes with what she has with Kevin. At the same time, Tiffany knows that he is still playing around with Kayla and can’t completely break free from her. However, are the two women actually friends behind the scenes? Read on for more details on their possible friendship.

Life After Lockup Buddies?

When Tiffany found someone else’s lingerie in Kevin’s drawer, she immediately knew it was not hers. Therefore, she assumed it was Kayla’s and left his home. As for Kayla, she cannot stand that Tiffany has made her way into his home and his heart. Plus, he and his new lady are seeking out a third to join their relationship. Yet, according to Starcasm, Kevin’s feuding darlings may actually be friends. In a blink-and-you-missed-it TikTok, Kayla and Tiffany can be seen getting cozy together.

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Screen grabs from the video had been posted on Kiki and Kibbitz’s YouTube channel. Now, Kayla seemed slightly interested in getting to know Tiffany. It is even plausible that she would audition to be the third in the Tiffany/Kevin romance to keep her claws on him. However, since filming has wrapped, both of the ladies have moved on from Kevin. They are in happier relationships and it looks like the girls are still hanging out.

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According to Amber shared Facebook photos of Tiffany’s boyfriend, Thomas back in May. In them were both Tiffany and Kayla so it seems they are the ones having the last laugh. As to whether or not they were actually friends prior to the show or it bonded them is very unknown. Fortunately, something good came out of it.

Love after lockup - Tiffany - Kayla

What About Kevin?

Per the Life After Lockup star’s Instagram page, he has been busy promoting the show and spending time with his son who just turned twenty. Another prominent theme for Kevin is that he is all about connecting his locked-up friends with pen pals. He will share their photos and information in the hopes that fans will end up writing to them. As for how the rest of the season will play out for him is anybody’s guess. It does not look like he made a great impression with either Kayla or Tiffany. How it all went down will be quite interesting to watch.

Are you surprised that Kayla and Tiffany are friends now and Kevin is on his own? Let us know and watch Life After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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