‘ILAMB’ Kimberly Cobb Chased Down, Threatened By Attacker

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Former I Love A Mama’s Boy star Kimberly Cobb is grateful to be away from the California drama. She was mentally and emotionally drained from her romance with Matt McAdams. Plus, his mother Kelly was no picnic to handle. Despite TLC asking her to return for Season 3, she has been living her best life in Texas. Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people and Kim is the perfect example of this. Earlier, she was trapped in a nightmare which she recounted on her Instagram. Read on for more details.

Kimberly Cobb Assaulted In Broad Daylight

Now living in Texas, Kimberly was getting ready to go out for the day as she explained the entire situation in her Instagram story. It was around 10 am and she was headed on a walk. It happened to be a busy road and she was headed by a parking lot. There happened to be a man parked in his car which was blocking the sidewalk she needed to get by. As Kimberly got closer to this man, he proceeded to roll down his car window to say something to her. Instinctively, she did not feel right about it so she paid no mind to whatever he had said.

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After that, she continued to walk behind his car where he rolled down his passenger window to further attempt to talk to her. At this point, she started to walk faster but when she looked behind her, there he was. More so, he had started chasing after Kimberly and mentioned doing something extremely unfathomable to her. Fortunately, the moment she got her phone out to take a photo, he ran back to his car.

Kimberly Cobb/Instagram
The assailant running away

Now, this is not the first time this man had done this to Kimberly as it had happened a month prior in her parking garage. Sadly, nothing was done. Finally, this time she was able to file a police report and reminded all women to be safe. In the end, Kimberly thanked all of her followers who have reached out and have helped her in being vigilant. They have looked for this man and she promises to keep everyone updated on this extremely scary situation.

Moving On Up

For Kimberly Cobb, moving to Texas was a way to get out of a somewhat scary situation. Firstly, she was being smothered by Matt and his too close for comfort mother. Though the two had been together for four years, his mom, Kelly felt that she had a right to interfere with their whole life. Upon the duo getting engaged, Kelly expressed that she wanted to not only read a poem but officiate the wedding. It just became too much for Kimberly so the chance to move for work was a blessing.

Matt McAdams/YouTube
Matt McAdams

She has shared that being with Matt was quite toxic and she even connected with his Season 3 girlfriend, Brittany Taylor. They could bond over crazy Kelly and how she crossed boundaries. Both women have since moved on and Matt is hoping for another season with his new lady, Devon. Hopefully, Kimberly can get a resolution to this nightmare and everyone can move on to happiness.

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