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How Does Kody Brown Net $200 An Hour?

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It’s always been hard to pinpoint exactly what Kody Brown does for a living. He somehow brings in enough money to support his plural family along with their TLC income. Luckily, he has always had at least one wife who was working full-time to help with the familial needs. Now, he is down one wife who has been able to support herself. However, it is out there that the father of eighteen makes $200/hour. Just how is that possible? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown’s ‘Big’ Job

The Sister Wives star has always billed himself as a salesman. It has always been an elusive career for him and one fan took to Reddit to ask exactly what he did. They wanted to know how he brought in $200 per hour because that is pretty good money. A fellow Redditor responded with this: “He sells guns.” A little over a year ago, Kody explained that he sold collectibles at trade shows with a partner of his. He added that this is something he is passionate about.

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Then, the reality star was seen at an event back in April, according to The Sun where he was seen selling firearms. It is apparently a huge event to be at. However, some fans shared that they did not really care to support him or the show after the revelation of his profession. Another added: “I am surprised it took so long for the information that Kody sold guns came out. It really changed my perspective on Kody and the show when I found out somewhere around Season 3.”

In any case, this is seemingly quite profitable for Kody and he quite frankly needs the money. He had this huge lot of land, Coyote Pass, that is still not built on. Furthermore, his fourth wife Robyn feels the need to have a nanny and he was in the hole before for some unpaid taxes. If this job keeps them afloat then he is doing what needs to be done.

The Women Of The Home, The True Supporters

From the beginning, it was Kody Brown’s wives who helped to keep the family going. Yes, they did need government assistance for some time. Yet, second wife Janelle was the big worker bee, in the office from sunrise to sunset as that was where she preferred to be. Though Christine was the main homemaker, it recently came out that she had a night job. First wife Meri worked when she could. Finally, Robyn came in as the fourth wife with a lot of debt and three kids. She did create a family business but that seemed to be more of a pet project.

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Meri, Kody, Christine, Janelle

By the time the ladies left Vegas, both Meri, Janelle, and Christine had found professional success with MLMs. For Meri, it allowed her to open her inn. Now, they are all thriving and can financially support themselves better than ever before. This might be hard for Kody knowing that, if the wives leave, they will not need him.

Are you shocked to learn how much Kody brings and what his job is? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. So, he wants everyone in his family to social distance but he goes to trade shows. How is that social distancing.

    I was appalled at how he spoke to Christine last season. Also, he stated to Christine ‘do you know how much I SACRIFICED for you??’ Jerk!

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