‘Below Deck Med’: Did Natalya Scudder Snitch On Natasha Webb?

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The latest episode of Below Deck Mediterranean brought up an interesting conversation among fans. They debated on whether stew Natalya Scudder snitched on chief stew Natasha Webb. Understandably, she’s been fed up with Tasha and Kyle Viljoen for much of the season. The two have become close over the past few weeks, and they often team up and work together at night.

Natalya has to clean up after them the next morning. She also has her own work to do. She expressed her frustrations to Captain Sandy Yawn, who was upset with Natasha’s work ethic. Now, some Below Deck Med fans wonder if she crossed the line.

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Natalya Scudder goes up against Natasha Webb & Kyle Viljoen

During the eleventh episode of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7, Natalya revealed that she had enough. She was tired of Natasha and Kyle leaving her with the dirty work. Natalya told Captain Sandy that the chief stew and third stew leave the cleaning to her. She claims that she was doing all the work and that her team members don’t pick up the slack at night.

The camera panned over to show the shopping bags left on the floor and dirty dishes on the counters. The pantry was also in disarray with food everywhere. Captain Sandy already noticed the food that was left out on the counters. She spoke to Natasha about it, but she muttered a “sorry” and went on her way.

Natasha Webb [YouTube]
Below Deck Med fans noticed that Natasha is distracted by men. According to a previous TV Shows Ace report, she went back to her ex-boyfriend after ending her tryst with Chef Dave White. Meanwhile, Kyle couldn’t stop thinking about the charter guest he fell in love with. Hearing Natalya’s complaints made them mad and they accused her of snitching on them.

What do the Below Deck Med fans say?

During that episode, Below Deck Med fans shared their thoughts on the situation on Twitter. While some also agreed that Natalya was out of line for snitching on the two, most sided with her. They supported the second stew for informing Captain Sandy of what was going on.

  • “Natasha and Kyle have been neglecting your duties and passing it on to Natalya. Get off your phone.”
  • “C’mon Natasha, you know it’s no one’s fault but yours, much less Natalya’s.”
  • “Tash spending her time gossiping to Kyle about Natalya actually prove Natalya’s point.”
  • “Natalya was right (interior is a mess right now).”
  • “Natasha and Kyle leave a huge mess overnight and are shocked Natalya/Sandy are upset about it.”

On top of that, Below Deck Med fans slammed Natasha for claiming that Natalya and Sandy yelled at her. Both of them remained calm when they spoke to her on separate occasions. Whose side are you on? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Below Deck Med Season 7 air on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. New episodes drop a few days early on Peacock.

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