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Whitney Way Thore Gets More Devastating News

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore and her family have been having an incredibly difficult year. Right now, fans are watching how Whitney and her family deal with the aftermath of Babs’ stroke. Babs is a fan favorite on My Big Fat Fabulous Life and it’s so hard for viewers to watch her go through such a serious health challenge.

But that’s not where the devastating news ends. Keep reading to see what Whitney is dealing with now.

Whitney Way Thore deals with another family health crisis

Is the Thore family ever going to get a break? During the most recent season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, fans can’t help but notice that the family keeps encountering one major crisis after another.

Babs successfully made it to her new care facility and is making progress in rehab. But she isn’t completely out of the woods and Whitney is rightly worried.

Now, another beloved member of the family’s health is in jeopardy.

Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life, TLC
Whitney Way Thore/TLC

It’s never easy dealing with a sick pet. During the current season, Whitney is already dealing with Babs’ illness. Now, it appears that her cat Henchi is dealing with his own health issues.

In a newly released clip, Whitney and Lennie are sitting in the car on their way to the vet. Lennie holds Henchi in a carrier on his lap while Whitney drives. It’s clear the pair are very worried about the cat.

Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life, TLC
My Big Fat Fabulous Life/TLC

The MBFFL star reveals that she took Henchi in for a cold, but the vet revealed they found a mass in the kitty’s mouth. The vet believed it was cancerous and needed to biopsy it right away.

In her talking head, Whitney reveals that Henchi has struggled with health issues before. This isn’t the first time the vet suspected he had cancer. however, the last biopsy came back clean. Whitney feels worried and scared that Henchi cheated death once and may not be able to a second time.

Lennie gets his own talking head and says that he feels incredibly bad for the Thore family during this chapter of their lives. He knows that Whitney is already having a rough time with Babs’ condition and now Henchi is sick too.

Hopefully, everything turns out all right. Fans will need to keep watching to see what happens next.

Fans can send kind wishes to the family at their P.O. box

Whitney Way Thore and her family could definitely use all the love and support for Henchi and Babs. But the good news is that the family is accepting cards and kind wishes for Babs at the moment.

Fans that want to send encouraging messages to Babs can reach her at:

Whitney Thore
P.O. Box 38397
Greensboro, NC

In the meantime, Whitney’s dad is spending a lot of time pampering Babs and making her feel loved.

Catch new episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC starting at 10 PM on Tuesday nights. Don’t miss out on Whitney Way Thore and her family’s journey.

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